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December 5, 1999


Money spent in Lawrence benefits the community in many ways.

In this month's Chamber Report, Judy Billings, interim president of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce offered a reminder that's worth repeating.

While acknowledging that many of us travel out of town to shop from time to time, Billings noted the compounding value of dollars spent here in Lawrence. A dollar spent at a local shoe store, she explained, could be used by the store owner to buy light bulbs at a local hardware store, which uses the dollar to pay an employee who may then use the money to buy lunch at a local restaurant. The cycle continues and before it ends your dollar will benefit at least six Lawrence businesses.

Those businesses help our community by paying property taxes that fund schools, roads and public safety. Many of them also make contributions that support special activities and charitable causes in the area. Most of those transactions at local businesses also generate sales tax revenue that helps fund recreation and other special projects in the city. In recent years those have included the new Douglas County Jail and a new home for three local health care agencies.

That dollar you spend in Lawrence carries some clout.

Some shoppers still will travel out of town, but new and more numerous retail outlets in Lawrence have increased both the selection and convenience of shopping at home.

For most of us, the holiday is a time of increased spending for gifts, entertainment and travel. We can ease the pain of that financial outgo by spending as much of that money as possible in Lawrence where at least part of it will come back to us as an investment in the community we call home.

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