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December 3, 1999


J-W Staff Reports

After more than eight years, Access, the Journal-World's audiotex service, is about to be history.

The service, which has been used by thousands of Lawrence residents to get information ranging from stock quotes to recreation news, will be shut down after Nov. 30.

In the end, the computer-based phone system fell victim to a non-Y2K compliant computer switch and the continued move of users to the World Wide Web.

From thousands of categories in its heyday, the service is down to a relative handful of information categories these days. The Journal-World and its partners either already have or are in the process of establishing replacements for those services.

Here's a look at some key replacements:

  • One big remaining user of Access was Lawrence Parks & Recreation, which uses the service to distribute information on recreational sports cancellations and scheduling.

"We're working on coming up with some new phone numbers," said Fred DeVictor, director of the city department. "We're particularly concerned about a lot of sports information, and we'll probably do some general information things, too."

DeVictor said that by early next week, he hoped to have from four to six new city hall phone numbers for people to call to hear recorded information on rainouts, rescheduled games and other information.

Some information also may be posted either on the community portal or city of Lawrence Web sites. Those decisions also will be made in coming weeks, DeVictor said.

  • The Journal-World itself uses the service to give users access to stock quote information. Those users are being directed to the business page of the newspaper's Web site, which offers individual stock quotes, market indices and the latest business headlines. In addition to individual quotes, the service also allows users to track a portfolio of stocks.

To access the service, point your browser to and follow the links to business news.

  • The Journal-World also uses Access to receive questions for the newspaper's popular Sound Off feature. After Nov. 30, those questions will be received on (785) 832-7297.


After Nov. 30, this will be the phone number to submit questions to the Journal-World's Sound Off feature:

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