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August 25, 1999


We may not be able to eliminate all the dangers facing school children, but we can all help make the walk to school a little safer.

As Lawrence school children head back to class today and Tuesday, local residents should take a little extra care.

With the weather still warm, many children will be walking to school. The excitement of seeing their classmates and teachers may make them less than attentive as they make that walk. That's why it doesn't hurt for every motorist to show a little extra caution not only near schools but throughout their neighborhoods.

School safety is a big issue these days and many times it involves weapons and other dangers that confront students while they are in class. Dealing with those problems is primarily the responsibility of parents and school personnel, but when it comes to improving traffic safety, everyone needs to join in.

Students face enough challenges in the halls and classrooms of their schools. Let's all make an effort to help them get to and from those schools safely.

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