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August 21, 1999


To the editor:

What's the matter with Kansas? Take it as you wish, Kansas is not in it. Go east, north, south or west, and you hear them laugh at Kansas. Go into any intelligent group of people anywhere on earth, and the Kansan native is on the defensive. Newspapers and magazines are filled with cartoons, jibes, and scornful remarks about backward Kansas trying to revert to the 19th century or earlier.

Oh, this is a state to be proud of! We are a people who can hold up our heads in pride. Why stop with simply restricting the teaching of evolution? Perhaps the religious leaders of the Inquisition were right when they "persuaded" Galileo to recant in his belief that the earth revolves around the sun. Perhaps the earth is really flat. Perhaps the space trips to the moon and its pictures and evidence were all a big fake foisted upon a gullible public.

Kansas needs respect. What better way to get it than to have a zealous, dogmatic, religious group dictate what can or cannot be taught in the classroom in Kansas? We need to follow the example of the Scope's trial a few generations ago. Like Tennessee, we desperately need such nationwide publicity.

"What's the matter with Kansas?" As William Allen White, the famed editor of the Emporia Gazette said in 1896, "Nothing under the shining sun. Kansas is all right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Kansas. 'Every prospect pleases and only man is vile.'"

Harold Piehler,


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