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AUG 21 100 YRS AGO

August 21, 1999


IN 1899

On Aug. 21, 1899, the Lawrence Journal editorialized, "No resident of Lawrence ever forgets the Twenty-first day of August. The chapter of its history that day was written in blood, and as the years go by it becomes but more deeply fixed upon the page. Never in civilized warfare was such a deed of atrocity perpetuated, and without provocation. Innocent men were murdered in cold blood, houses were pillaged and burned, stocks of goods were destroyed and the whole town left in ashes. The only excuse ever offered was that some redlegged Jayhawkers had been over into Missouri and stolen horses." Lawrence has, we say, always remembered with sorrow the fearful day. But so far no attempt has been made to have appropriate ceremonies to commemorate it. Is it not time that the city should set apart the Twenty-first of August and celebrate it in a fitting manner?"

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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