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August 1, 1999


To the editor:

I have been to many concerts and sporting events in my life where the national anthem was played and/or sung. But never has this time been more moving than what I experienced at the Sunflower State Games 5K and 10K race this past Sunday morning. As we were preparing to run, the announcer asked to have someone volunteer to sing the anthem. While she was actually volunteered by her friend, a young lady agreed. As she sang, she began having trouble remembering the words to the song. She remarkably kept going.

As the song went on. more and more of the participants and spectators began joining in. Before the song was over, more than half of the crowd was providing back-up vocals to the brave young lady who started it off. I do not remember an anthem that emotional in a long time and wanted to thank her for singing and giving me a great memory. I apologize that I do not remember her name, but wish her well in all of her endeavors.

Daniel E. Smith,


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