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April 28, 1999


Crews are poised to pour 18,875 tons of fresh, smooth pavement atop 35 streets, a library parking lot and an airport pavement patch this spring and summer in Lawrence.

The city will pay $1.25 million for LRM Industries Inc., of Lawrence, to repave 35 streets in town.

The following is a rundown of the locations for the two-phase program. The first phase is set to start during the week of May 10; the second phase is scheduled to begin in early June and last into September.

Phase I

  • Arkansas Street, from 25th to 27th streets.
  • Colorado Street, from Fifth to Sixth streets.
  • Connecticut Street, from Seventh to 15th streets.
  • Crestline Drive, from Clinton Parkway to 24th Street.
  • Crossgate Drive, from the north end of Greenbrier Drive to -- and including -- the north cul de sac in front of Alvamar Country Club.
  • 15th Street, from Massachusetts to Kentucky streets.
  • Four Wheel Drive, from 31st Street to an area north of 28th Terrace.
  • Greenbrier Drive.
  • Harvard Road, from Wellington Drive to an entrance at West Junior High School.
  • Missouri Street, from Fourth to Fifth streets and 24th Street to an area 300 feet north of 27th Street.
  • Pennsylvania Street, in the area of 14th Street.
  • Princeton Boulevard, from McDonald Drive to Lawrence Avenue.
  • Rockledge Road, from Sixth Street to McDonald Drive.
  • Trail Road, from Kasold Drive to Monterey Way. (Trail, from Kasold to Lawrence Avenue, will be part of Phase II.)
  • 28th Terrace, from Four Wheel Drive to the frontage road.
  • 24th Street, from Kasold to Crossgate drives.
  • 27th Street, from Iowa to Louisiana streets. (27th, from Lawrence to Atchison avenues, will be part of Phase II.)
  • Vermont Street, from 15th to 16th streets.

Phase II

  • Atchison Avenue and 28th Street, from 29th Street to Lawrence Avenue.
  • Cedar Ridge Court.
  • Greever Terrace, from Virginia to Louisiana streets, including a loading zone for buses.
  • Harper Street, from 15th to 17th streets.
  • Hillcrest Road, from Engel Road to Spencer Drive.
  • Lawrence Municipal Airport, paved area south of terminal building.
  • Lawrence Public Library parking lot, 707 Vt.
  • Lockridge Place.
  • Louisiana Street, from 31st Street to the entrance to Broken Arrow Park.
  • New Hampshire Street, from Eighth to Ninth streets.
  • Pamela Lane.
  • Randall Road, north of 10th Street.
  • Spencer Drive.
  • Trail Road, from Kasold Drive to Lawrence Avenue. (Trail, from Kasold to Monterey Way, will be part of Phase I.)
  • 27th Court.
  • 27th Street, from Lawrence to Atchison avenues. (27th, from Iowa to Louisiana streets, will be part of Phase I.)
  • 27th Terrace, from Atchison Avenue to Lockridge Drive.
  • Virginia Street, from 21st Street to Greever Terrace.
  • Westdale Circle.

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