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April 28, 1999


Dan Wessel, a Kansas University student trying to launch another "flying machine" in the area of Potter Lake, had another dud and his device, which sailed off a ramp, failed to fly. Nobody was hurt. Wessel later was to become a well-known Kansas City area builder, eventually shedding his tongue-in-cheek moniker of "The Great Wesseloni."

Local and state records showed that the new 55 mph driving speed limit was being ignored by a great majority of motorists and officials called for severe crackdowns to bring people into line.

General Motors was blaming inflation and a slump in car sales in the wake of the energy crisis for the firm's worst first-quarters earnings performance since before the Korean War.

Musical groups were due to spice proceedings at the Lawrence Art in the Park Festival on May 5.

Lawrence Mayor Jack Rose was seeking new city commission procedure changes to promote more "openness" to the public, including the abolition of pre- and post-meeting discussion sessions by the commissioners.

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