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April 27, 1999


A KU sophomore who switched places with the chancellor resisted the temptations to give everybody a raise, fly the university's jet and park in the chancellor's reserved spot.

KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway and Chancellor-For-Half-A-Day Julie McGill agreed Monday that lessons could be learned from walking in another's shoes.

McGill, an Elmhurst, Ill., sophomore in visual communications, won a charity raffle, granting her the right to switch places with Kansas University's top administrator.

Hemenway put on jeans and grabbed a backpack for McGill's three classes, and the young scholar chaired a series of administrative meetings in Strong Hall.

"I have a lot more respect for everything that goes on at the university," McGill said.

She said it was easy for students to complain about issues that never seemed to get better -- parking and gym space, for example. But solutions to those problems are on the horizon with construction of a new parking garage and fitness center.

"It's amazing how many different facets people are involved in."

Hemenway said his classroom experiences, including a stint in advanced volleyball, reminded him of the need to consider topics from a student's perspective.

He said administrators who devote the day to moving papers from one side of a desk to the other need to get out more.

"Anybody in the administration should try to do that," Hemenway said. "It's so easy to forget about what the enterprise is about -- it's about students."

Before departing, Hemenway gave McGill his notes from her Personal and Community Health and Introduction to Modern Art classes.

"I didn't take notes in the volleyball class," he joked. "Your biggest challenge will be reading my handwriting."

McGill won a raffle organized by KU's sophomore honor society. Proceeds were donated to a Lawrence soup kitchen.

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