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April 25, 1999


Class of 1949 Gold Medal citations

Annette McEwen Peck, business: Annette and her husband, Kenneth Peck, Business 1949, live in Apopka, Fla. They are retired and enjoy golf and square dancing, travel, especially cruising, and visits with their four grandchildren. They have a daughter, Diane, and a son, Roger. Roger is a 1979 KU graduate.

Kenneth W. Peck, business: Kenneth lives in Apopka, Fla., with his wife and classmate, Annette McEwen Peck, Business 1949. In his retirement, he plays golf and participates in square dancing. He has a daughter and a son, who is a KU graduate, and four grandchildren.

Roselyn Skonberg George, education: Roselyn lives in Loveland, Colo. She has three daughters and 11 grandchildren. She enjoys travel and volunteer work.

Norman L. Sisson Sr., engineering: Norman pursued an engineering practice for 10 years before earning his law degree at Louisiana State University, then practiced law in Louisiana for 30 years. In 1992, he was given an award for outstanding service to the Louisiana State Department of Transportation and Development. Norman also is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, having served as a B-47 pilot in the Korean War. He and his wife, Margaret, live

in Baton Rouge. They have two sons and seven grandchildren.

Warren I. Taylor, liberal arts & sciences: Warren is retired from a management position with Burroughs Corp., where he helped develop software, including programs for data received from spacecraft. Warren received an MBA from Columbia University, where he met his wife, Argie. The Taylors live in the home of their dreams in Bradbury, Calif. They have reared three sons and have two grandchildren. Warren has done volunteer work with blind and troubled boys, and has served as commissioner and manager for a youth baseball league.

Dean Anderson, business: Shortly after earning his KU degree, Dean took a sales position with Putnam & Jones Lumber Sales in Kansas City, Mo. After two decades as a successful salesman for the wholesale lumber company, Dean became president and general manager, and the company's name was changed to Magic Wood Inc. Now retired, Dean lives in Overland Park with his wife, Sue. Dean has two sons.

association life members. They have two sons, both KU graduates, and two grandchildren.

Belfour R. McMillen, liberal arts & sciences: A decorated first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force during World War II, Belfour entered the book publishing business after graduating from KU. He and his wife, Betty Joe Lorbeer McMillen, Class of 1949, spent many years in New York City pursuing their careers. Since 1976 they have lived in Fort Worth. The McMillens have enjoyed extensive world travel, including trips with the Flying Jayhawks. One of Belfour's two daughters is a Jayhawk, and he is especially proud of his 1-year-old grandson.

Betty Joe Lorbeer McMillen, Class of 1949: Betty Joe has bittersweet memories of her KU years. Just two weeks into her first semester, she was stricken with polio. Betty Joe continued to study dance despite doctors advice to give it up. In 1954 she became a June Taylor Dancer, performing on the Jackie Gleason Show. From 1956 through 1958, she was in the corps de ballet at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. She then became a dance instructor. Betty Joe enjoys extensive world travel with her husband and classmate, Belfour McMillen. She has two daughters, one a Jayhawk, and one grandson.

engineering 1950, live in Overland Park. They have five children, all School of Engineering graduates, and 11 grandchildren.

Bill Hamilton, engineering: Bill had a challenging and productive electrical engineering career at Bell Telephone Laboratories, obtaining 25 patents. Now retired from Lucent Technologies, Bill is active in a church outreach program encompassing thrift shops, food pantires and Meals On Wheels. The Hamiltons live in Pocono Summit, Pa. They have five children and four grandchildren.

Evelyn Hoffman Hamilton, fine arts: After graduating from KU, Evelyn taught in Kansas City public schools before turning her full attention to rearing five children. In 1992 she earned a master's degree in Asian Studies and has traveled to China seven times , including a summer of study for her degree . She and her husband, Bill Hamilton, engineering 1949, have taught conversational English in China under a Global Volunteers program. Evelyn also is active in her church and volunteers for its outreach program. She is an alumni association life member. She has four grandchildren.

Frank J. Rozich, engineering: After graduating from KU, Frank took the position of district engineer for the Colorado Department of Health and moved to Denver, where he took a room in a boarding house and met his future wife, Jean. Except for one year earning a master's degree in sanitary engineering at the University of California, Frank remained with the Colorado agency until his retirement in 1986. For 10 years he served on an advisory committee to the Denver school board. He has two daughters and four grandchildren.

where he is active in VFW and American Legion. He has returned to Normandy three times and plans another trip in June. In 1994, he participated with a group of KU students in a re-enactment of the Normany invasion at Garnett. With his wife, Bessie, Jack has two children and many grandchildren. He is a life member and Jayhawk Society member of the Kansas Alumni Association and has traveled with the Flying Jayhawks.

Claude W. Engelke, engineering: Claude is retired from an engineering career with Boeing, where he worked on many interesting projects, including the B-2 bomber. Claude lives in Wichita, but spends much of his time globetrotting and has been on several Flying Jayhawks excursions. He shares videos of his trips with senior citizens groups. At home he enjoys bowling once a week and participates in his church circle group. He is an alumni association life member.

Sam A. Crow, liberal arts & sciences: After his KU graduation, Sam completed law school at Washburn University, then established a law practice in 1952. In 1975, Sam was appointed as a U.S. magistrate judge, then became a U.S. district judge in Wichita in 1981. Since 1992 he has served as senior judge for the U.S. District Court in Topeka. He is currently a member of the board of governors for the Washburn Law School Alumni Assn. He lives in Topeka with his wife, Ruth. The Crows are alumni association life members and Jayhawk Society members. They have two sons and three grandchildren.

counts his Fulbright studies in Mexico while a KU business student. He later taught in Mexico and also in China. Richard and his wife, Nedra, live in Lake Quivira. They have seven children, four of them Jayhawks, and one granddaughter who is currently a KU student.

Charles D. Johnson Jr., liberal arts & sciences: Charles served more than three years in the Pacific in World War II before attending KU. After graduating, he spent much of his career in Illinois as a representative of Washington National Insurance. He retired from the firm as a regional vice president. His hobbies include music, reading and swimming, and he enjoys being a Shriner clown. In addition to Shriners and Masons, Charles is a Scottish Rite member and an alumni association life member. He lives in Fort Myers Beach, Fla. With his late wife, Jean, Charles had two daughters. He also has two grandchildren.

Robert C. McCullough, education: After serving in the Korean War in 1951 to 1952, Robert taught high school biology in Denver and attended medical school at the University of Colorado. He has practiced family medicine in Goodland for 40 years and is a trustee and past chief of staff for for Goodland Regional Medical Center. Robert has served his community as a school board member and a city commissioner. His wife, Mary Clare, earned a KU nursing degree in 1980. All six of their children have attended KU, with the family count at five registered nurses, two pharmacists and one psychologist plus Robert, their patriarch physician. The McCulloughs have 13 grandchildren.

boards of directors for non-profit organizations. Donald is an American Legion life member, past president of the Lawrence Cosmopolitan Club, and an alumni association life member. He volunteers as a delivery person for Meals on Wheels. With his wife, Bertie, he has two children, both KU graduates, and six grandchildren.

Ivan D. Anderson, business: Ivan is retired from a career in hospital administration. He also served as an assistant professor for the KU Medical Center department of human ecology. He is a past president of the Kansas Hospital Assn. and the American Association of Medical Executives. Ivan has served in the Dominican Republic as volunteer for International Executive Service Corps. With his wife, Lue, he has three children, two of whom have KU degrees. Of his 11 grandchildren, the oldest is a second-year KU law student, two others are KU students and a fourth will be a freshman this fall.

James O. Jones, liberal arts & sciences: Service in the Navy in World War II delayed James' college enrollment by three years, but his delayed enrollment allowed him to attend KU with his future wife, Jo Ann Compton Jones, Class of 1950. James is now retired, but pleased to have operated his own advertising agency very successfully for 30 years. The Joneses lives in Kansas City, Mo. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

the American Revolution. She has two children and two granddaughters.

Richard B. Hitt, business: Dick worked as a materials control manager for Hallmark Cards until his retirement, then turned his attention to extensive travel with his wife, Marion, graduate school 1949, education 1968. The two participate together in numerous civic organizations. Dick has been president of Sertoma, Caravan Club International, and Shrine Greeters. He and his wife both are deacons in their church. Dick's two children both graduated from Kansas State, but he hopes at least one of his two granddaughters will choose KU.

Leland S. Weckbaugh, engineering: Leland is retired from a 36-year engineering career, including nearly a decade with Finney & Turnipseed, a three-year stint at Van Doren & Hazard, and culminating with 24 years at The Capitol Iron Works. He is a member of several professional organizations and American Legion and VFW life member. With his wife, Ethel, he has traveled to Europe three times and been on three cruises. He volunteered many years as a Scout master, helping all of his three sons become Eagle Scouts. He has five grandchildren.

Robert P. Keenan, law: After graduation, Robert started a private law practice in Great Bend. Keenan and Boeckman, P.A., operates with six members and Robert continues to practice. From 1965 to 1971 he served three terms in the Kansas House of Representatives. He has been a trustee and chairman of the board for Barton Community College, and served in 1995 as a board member for KU's Greater University Fund. With his wife, Dotty, he has three sons, two of whom are KU graduates one a Jayhawk , and two grandsons.

year. She has devoted her time to 74 organizations in the Kansas City area. She recently was elected to the alumni association's national board of directors. With her late husband, classmate William R. McPhee, medicine 1949, she had a son who is also a School of Medicine graduate, and a daughter who is an attorney. Mary Kay has five grandchildren.

T.L. Gore, engineering, graduate school 1951: When T.L. walked down the Hill with his younger brother and all the engineering graduates who were mostly veterans, his parents attended to watch. Their father, a World War I veteran, said the procession made him think of all the young men who were killed in the two world wars. Today, T.L. lives in Estes Park, Colo., where he is retired from a career in chemical engineering management with Amoco Oil Company. He has two children, one a KU graduate, and six grandchildren. T.L. is sure some are future Jayhawks.

Shirley Sloan Kassinger, fine arts: Shirley was the first to receive a major degree in clarinet from KU. She continued to play as principal clarinet in the Boulder, Colo., concert band and was a member of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra. She played in a clarinet choir that performed in London in 1984. Shirley also taught private music lessons. With her husband, classmate Charles Kassinger, education 1949, she performed in a dance band for nearly 10 years until their retirement last year in May, 1997. The Kassingers now live in Mesa, Ariz. They have two sons and two grandchildren.

of the Boulder (Colo.) concert band, Charles conducted the 66-piece ensemble that included his wife as principal clarinet. He also led the 14-piece Charles Kassinger Band that performed for weddings and social events. Charles' two sons are professional musicians, and he hopes his two grandchildren will follow suit.

Arthur J. Archung, engineering: Arthur's career has included work for FMC, Allied Chemical, Crompton & Knowles and Sandoz. He is currently vice president of Sofix Corporation. He and his wife, Norma Conkle Archung, liberal arts & sciences 1948, live in Chattanooga, Tenn., where Arthur is a member of the board of directors for the Tennessee World Trade Center. The Archungs have traveled to every continent except Antarctica. They have 10 children and four grandchildren, and they are Kansas Alumni Association Jayhawk Society members.

Russell B. Mesler, engineering: After graduating from KU, Russ earned his master's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, then returned to Lawrence as an associate professor of chemical engineering. In 1967, still a KU faculty member and supervisor of the nuclear reactor, Russ was co-winner of the American Society of Mechancial Engineers Robert T. Knapp award. He recently retired as emeritus professor and was named to KU's Chemical Engineering Hall of Fame. Russ and his wife, Jenny-Lea McGowan Mesler, fine arts 1951, live in Lawrence. They are Kansas Alumni Association life members and have four children and six grandchildren.

of them Jayhawks, and three grandchildren. They are alumni association life members and Jayhawk Society members.

Robert T. Hilgardner, journalism: After graduating from KU, Bob became a reporter for the Kansas City Star. Later he joined the public relations department of Southwestern Bell Telephone, retiring in 1983. He is past-president of the Wichita Press Club and the Topeka Advertising Club. He served with the Air Force in World War II and the Korean War. Bob and his wife, Nola, live in Topeka. They have a son, also a KU graduate, and two grandchildren.

Koli K. Amini, engineering: As the first Iranian citizen to attend KU, K.K. was featured in the University Daily Kansan. He was interviewed by Margaret Wenski, journalism 1946, whom he married in 1948. After graduating, K.K. worked for several firms until he established the Amini Oil Co. in 1971 and Sage Energy Co. in 1977. He is now president of Blanco Oil Co. in San Antonio. Shortly before Margaret's 50th KU reunion, the Aminis celebrated the dedication of a new scholarship hall on campus, Amini Hall, built through their gift to Campaign Kansas. The Aminis have four children and nine grandchildren.

Barbara Johnson Myers, liberal arts & sciences: Barbara has had a rewarding career as a clinical microbiologist, including instructing medical residents in infectious diseases and pathology. She is now retired and enjoys travel, genealogy, doll collecting, and playing the flute. With two daughters and a son, Barbara became involved in both Boy and Girl Scouts. She has been a softball team manager and a recreation council member. Her experience continues to come in handy now that she has four granddaughters.

10K races and marathons. He also enjoys travel, genealogy and music. He and his wife, classmate Barbara Johnson Myers, liberal arts 1949, live in Maryland. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Evalyn V. Scamell, fine arts, education 1957: Evalyn describes her study for advanced degrees as endless. She is now retired from a career of studying and teaching art. She has taught art to grade-school children and at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Evalyn lives in Overland Park and volunteers at the information desk of the Spencer Museum of Art. She is president of Art Study Club in Kansas City and president of Christian Women's Fellowship in Mission. She enjoys travel and continues to study piano. She has also volunteered teaching refugees to speak English. Evalyn is a Kansas Alumni Association life member.

Fred S. Hirsekorn, engineering, graduate school 1950: Fred retired from Columbia-Southern Chemical Co. as vice president of manufacturing and purchasing. Highlights of his career in chemical engineering included creating a highly successful process development department and centralizing nine manufacturing plants in Europe. He also has enjoyed contributing to the community through volunteer work. With his wife, Barbara, Fred lives in St. Paul, Minn. They reared four daughters, one a Jayhawk, and now have 11 grandchildren, one soon to become a Jayhawk.

spend time with his two children, six grandchildren, and 2-month-old great-grandson.

Richard R. Harrington, liberal arts & sciences: Richard is retired from a long career with Boy Scouts of America. He served as a Scout executive in Iowa and Hawaii and retired as a regional director. He lives in San Jose, Calif., with his wife, Nancy. He is president of a seniors organization and a director for Villages Golf and Country Club. He travels and volunteers as a fund-raiser for charitable organizations. Richard has three sons.

Mila Williams Brooks, liberal arts & sciences: Mila served as deputy country director for the Peace Corps in Chile from 1973 to 1974, and as country director in the Dominican Republic from 1985 to 1987. She enjoyed a career as a consultant in development assistance in 25 countries from 1974 to 1998 and spent the summer of 1998 working in Bosnia. Recently retired, Mila continues service to local organizations in her home of Napa, Calif. She is director of development for Fight AIDS Non-Stop and past president of the Napa Valley AIDS Project from 1992 to 1997. Mila has four children and three grandchildren.

Donald L. Quinn, engineering: Don is currently self-employed. He previously worked for Yuasa-Exide Inc. He finds time for travel, philately and volunteerism. He has served on the Johnson County Community Corrections Board, participates in a Red Cross disaster unit, and provides tax preparation assistance for the elderly through AARP. Don and his wife, Patricia, live in Shawnee Mission. They have a son, who also is a KU graduate.

Donald F. Wright, business: Don is a retired certified public accountant. He lives in Topeka with his wife, Katie. Don enjoys bicycling and has been a volunteer for the Boy Scouts. He has a son and two granddaughters.

have three children, all KU graduates, and 10 grandchildren ages 10 to 30. One grandchild also is a Jayhawk.

Marilyn Sweet Newton, liberal arts & sciences: Marilyn is retired from a career in marketing and public relations. She served as director for The Studio Theatre in Washington, D.C., where she also volunteers as an advisory neighborhood commissioner. Marilyn is a life member of the Kansas Alumni Association. She has four sons, two of whom also are Jayhawks.

Dolores Collins Crum, liberal arts & sciences: Dolores lives with her husband, Charles, in Wichita, where she is retired from a long career with the Wichita Area Girl Scout Council. Highlights of her career include writing a 75-year history of the council, earning the Thanks Badge, the highest recognition for service to the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., and being named in 1993 to the National Honor Roll of the Association of Girl Scout Executive Staff. Dolores also earned the St. Ann's Award from the Wichita Catholic Diocese for her service to youth. In addition to national board service with the Girl Scouts, Dolores has been section president for the American Camping Assn. and president of the Wichita Association of Volunteer Administrators. She and her husband, Charles, live in Wichita.

is generating sawdust in his workshop. He also enjoys his four grandchildren.

Howard H. Hobrock, engineering: Hank has had a long career with Finney & Turnipseed, Consulting Engineers in Topeka, and he continues part-time with the firm. He remained active in the U.S. Naval reserve until retiring in 1978 as a captain, and has been a volunteer for the Boy Scouts and for his church. He is past president of the Kansas section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He enjoys travel in the United States, including trips to Hawaii and Alaska. With his wife, Laura, he has two children and five grandchildren.

Delmer F. Harris Jr., liberal arts & sciences: For Delmer, life has truly been a playground. Until his retirement, he led his family business, The Delmer F. Harris Co. Inc., a playground equipment manufacturing firm in Concordia. The company, started by Delmer's father in 1925, makes recreation equipment for schools and parks throughout the country and in several foreign countries. Delmer and his wife, Ruth Brotherson Harris, education 1950, have five children, all KU graduates, and six grandchildren.

Ann Hemphill Holladay, journalism: Ann is retired as office manager of Manis Glass Co. & Body Shop in Dodge City. Earlier in her career, she made use of her degree, working for two of Kansas City's largest advertising agencies and at Capper Publications. She also managed the Hoisington Chamber of Commerce before returning to Dodge City. She has been active in Kansas Press Women and Business and Professional Women. With her husband, Harley Holladay, fine arts 1950, she has four children, one a KU graduate, and two grandchildren.

Bill F. Mayer, journalism: Bill is semi-retired from a long career with the Lawrence Journal-World. Named as the newspaper's managing editor in 1956, Bill then served as executive editor until 1987. He remains a contributing editor and columnist. Bill is active in the community and his church. With his wife, Beverly Braeckeveldt Mayer, who attended KU before earning her bachelor's degree from Kansas State, Bill has two children, one a Jayhawk, and five grandchildren. They are life members of the Kansas Alumni Association.

Mary Lou Redmond Pickler, liberal arts & sciences: Mary Lou lives in Ulysses, where her husband and schoolmate, Richard M. Pickler, liberal arts 1951, law 1955, maintains a private law practice. The Picklers are life members of the Kansas Alumni Association. They have three children and five grandchildren.

Laurens J. Rossillon, pharmacy: Laurens has retired from his position as pharmacist for Gessler Drug in Wichita. He and his wife, Ruth Hibbs Rossillon,

business 1948, live in Fall River.

Harry E. Robson, engineering, Ph.D. 1959: Harry retired in 1986 as senior research associate for Exxon Research & Development Laboratories after a 29-year career with the firm. He then served Lousiana State University as an instructor for the chemistry department until 1992. In 1989, he spent a summer as a visiting professor in Zurich, Switzerland. Harry and his wife, Roberta, live in Baton Rouge, where Harry is active in the Presbyterian church's national organization. He has three children and five grandchildren.

with his wife, Kathryn. They have seven children and 13 grandchildren. Paul enjoys travel and golf, and keeps busy with volunteer work and consulting. He is an member of the alumni associatio's Jayhawk Society.

Elnora Wycoff Davis, education: Ellie stays active taking Jazzercise classes, mall-walking, and playing the piano just for fun. Although retired from 31 years as an elementary school teacher, she continues to volunteer as a tutor three times a week. She lives in Topeka, but likes to travel throughout the United States. She also has been on a cruise to the Bahamas. She belongs to several travel clubs and is a member of the American Association of University Women and the Topeka Area Retired Teachers Assn. With her husband, Al, she has two sons and three grandchildren.

Nora Temple Cleland, journalism: Nora began as a reporter for the University Daily Kansan, then reported for the Journal-World before marrying her husband, Miles. She managed the School of Engineering and Architecture office, then "retired" to her family farm, reared four children and became active in 4-H. She returned to KU and worked for University Relations for 19 years, retiring in 1993. She continues as a freelance writer for Farm Talk. She has three grandchildren.

Patricia McGovney Kille, liberal arts & sciences: Patricia is retired and lives in Horseshoe Bay, Tex., with her husband and classmate, Robert Kille, Class of 1949. Patricia was formerly employed at Farmers State Bank in Hardtner. She enjoys golf and travel and has a son and a daughter.

Josephine Barney Harkness, liberal arts & sciences: Since leaving KU, Josephine has lived in seven states and two continents. With her ex-husband, Charles, she traveled to California, Texas and Ohio before being stationed in Tachikawa, Japan, when the couple's older son was just 3 and younger son was less than 1 year old. When they returned to the states, they settled in Lawrence, where Josephine worked for the Center for Research in Business. They later moved to DeKalb, Ill., and Josephine became a copy editor for Northern Illinois University's newly formed university press. She is now retired and living in Topeka. She has two grandchildren.

Beverly Stember West, education: Beverly is a retired kindergarten teacher. She lives in Topeka with her husband and schoolmate, Oval West Jr., liberal arts & sciences 1948. Beverly volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and at the Topeka Zoo. She enjoys travel and has four sons, two of whom are KU graduates.

Frances Lincoln Fischer, education, graduate school 1961: Frances is a former elementary school teacher and librarian for the KU Science Library. She is now retired and serves as a library consultant. She lives in Lawrence, where she enjoys choir, weight training and water therapy. She also likes to travel through the United States and abroad. She is a member of the KU Retirees Club and the League of Women Voters. Her daughter also is a KU graduate.

Edward I. Blincoe, engineering: Edward lives in Denver with his wife and schoolmate, Betty Armstrong Blincoe, Class of 1951. Edward is a retired petroleum engineer. He has four children, one a graduate of KU's School of Medicine.

Jimmie R. Bowden, engineering: Jim received a master's degree in chemical engineering in 1955 from the California Institute of Technology and joined Conoco later that year. In 1961, he earned a Sloan Fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass. His career included positions with Global Energy, Bechtel, U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corp., Phillips, and Mene Grande Oil Co. before his retirement. He now lives in Austin, Tex., with his wife, Helen. He is a member of the advisory board for the School of Natural Sciences at St. Edward's University. He has a son and a daughter, and three grandchildren.

Dorothy Parm Kataoka, fine arts: Dorothy lives in Hilo, Hawaii, where she is retired as director of occupational therapy at Hilo Hospital. She now enjoys Hawaiian basketweaving. With her husband, Shigeru "O," she has two children, one a KU graduate.

Terrance E. Anderson, business: Terry retired 12 years ago from a 34-year career with General Motors Insurance Corp. He is now a board member for Visiting Nurses Assn. in Overland Park, where he lives with Mary, his wife of more than 50 years. The couple have a son and a daughter, who kept Terry active in Boy Scouts and Campfire Boys and Girls through the years. They also have a grandson and a granddaughter.

Byron C. Shutz, liberal arts & sciences: Byron is retired from the Byron Shutz Co., a mortgage banking and real estate firm over which he presided from 1973 to 1996. Throughout his career, Byron served as an officer in numerous professional organizations, and as a board member for several businesses. He is a former chairman of the University of Missouri-Kansas City board of trustees and a former member of the Kansas City Art Institute board of governors. He and his wife, Marilyn, have five children and eight grandchildren.

Keith Wilson Jr., liberal arts & sciences, law 1951: Keith is a former city attorney for Kansas City, Mo.; a former city manager for Independence, Mo.; and former president and CEO of the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City. He is honorary consul, emeritus, for the Republic of Benin in West Africa and a life trustee of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. For the past 26 years he has authored a weekly newspaper column for The Independence Examiner. Keith also has been active in many civic organizations. He and his wife, Marian, live in Leawood. With his late wife, Yvonne Josserand Wilson, journalism 1950, he has a daughter who also is a KU graduate.

Kenneth C. Pine, business: Kenneth is retired from a career with Met Life as a chartered life underwriter. He has been involved in professional organizations and has sung with his church choir for the past 44 years. Kenneth and his wife, Rowena Nehrbass Pine, liberal arts & sciences 1981, live in Lawrence. Their daughter is a KU alumna. They have a granddaughter and a grandson.

Joe E. Moddrell Jr., business: Joe lives in Wichita, where he is a retired chartered life underwriter, formerly with Insurance Management Associates Inc. In 1976, he was named Traveler's Agent of the Year. A longtime aviator, Joe continues to enjoy flying, as well as sailing and playing squash. He and his wife, Jean, spend time each year at their second home at Grand Lake, Okla., and also enjoy traveling. They have three children, one a KU graduate, and two grandsons.

Edwin E. Kirchhoff, liberal arts & sciences, graduate school 1951: Ed's career began with 19 years in labor relations with the Amoco Corp. He then served North Lake College in Dallas as a professor of economics for 22 years. Ed now stays active selling residential real estate in the Dallas area, where he lives with his wife, Evalyn. They have one son.

Daniel M. Kirkhuff, liberal arts & sciences: Daniel is retired from U.S. Civil Service. He has been employed in personnel offices for the state of Kansas, city of Wichita and four federal agencies, working as an examination technician, recruiter, position classifier and personnel manager. He now is an employment consultant, writer and teacher. He has three sons, two daughters, and 10 grandchildren.

Aileen Beal DeBruce, education: Aileen is a retired business owner who now enjoys community and church work, gardening, bridge, needlepoint and travel. She lives in Ulysses with her husband, Archie. They have two children, one a KU graduate, and eight grandchildren who range in age from 1 to 21.

Nancy E. Sandehn, liberal arts & sciences: Nancy says the most significant event of her life was having to change employment at midlife and finding a new career so rewarding that she could not leave it behind at retirement. The former preservation planner for the MO-KAN Regional Council now has "hung out her shingle" as a historic preservation consultant. She is a past officer of the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation. She participates in the parish and diocesan levels of the Episcopal Church and is a board member for Friends of the Missouri Theater.

Dallas P. Dunn, business: Dallas is retired from running a manufacturer's rep busine

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