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April 15, 1999


Ten sculptures soon will replace those currently on display in the downtown area.

You can tell its spring when the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition starts sprouting new works in steel and bronze.

Myles Schachter and Jim Patti, who help organize the exhibition, worked most of the day Wednesday receiving and unpacking the 10 new sculptures that will be mounted in the next couple of weeks in downtown Lawrence.

Most of the works were delivered Wednesday at a city warehouse at 11th Street and Haskell Avenue. A few were shipped earlier to Arensberg Shoes, 825 Mass., where they were held until they could be relocated to the warehouse.

Patti said the first work to arrive was "3/4 Length Figure," a 125-pound cast-bronze female torso by Anne Wienholt, Larkspur, Calif.

"It's the first time we've had a figure like that," he said.

The largest is "Organization of Profanity," a 900-pound fabricated metal work that features cubes, cylinders and other geometric shapes painted black, red, blue and yellow. The artist is Joseph Kinnebrew, Sun Valley, Idaho.

The work arrived, Patti said, in eight sections and will need to be assembled.

George Neubert, director of the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, was juror for the sculpture exhibition, which is a project of the Lawrence Arts Commission. Other works making the cut were:

  • "Introduction," a 150-pound cast iron sculpture that appears to depict two non-human forms greeting each other, also by Kinnebrew.
  • "Santa Fe Thunder," a 150-pound steel pedestal with curved, circular and zig-zag-like symbolic accents, by Bob Clore, Manhattan.
  • "Soliloguy," an 85-pound rusted steel sculpture by Lawrence artist Ardys Ramberg that resembles a man giving a speech. The work will be displayed at the Lawrence Arts Center.
  • "Sepulchre," a 150-pound steel piece that appears to depict a sacred receptacle, by Robert McDermott, Glen Ellyn, Ill.
  • "Endless Toilets," a 160-pound ceramic work that shows toilets stacked bowl to bowl, by Jason Lumetta, Kansas City, Mo.
  • "Dura-Membrane Series No. 10," a steel sculpture that is 12-feet long and weighs 700 pounds, by John Richardson, Hamtramck, Mich. The piece will replace Richardson's "pod" sculpture on display now on the Lawrence Public Library grounds.
  • "Element 1994," a 300-pound steel work of geometric elements, by Cordell Taylor, Salt Lake City.
  • "Catch the Unseen," a 180-pound welded metal sculpture using airplane propellor blades that appears to depict an alien creature, by Donald Dynneson, Seward, Neb.

"The downtown strongly supports the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition because it adds interest to the downtown and furthers its function as a park. In this case, it's a sculpture garden," said Schachter, a sculptor and planner for Downtown Lawrence Inc.

"The quality of the work is excellent this year, with pieces that are attractive or make you think."

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