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April 13, 1999


IN 1899

On April 13, 1899, the Lawrence Journal editorialized: "In ordering a substantial and permanent walk on the west side of Massachusetts street through the park, the city council has inaugurated a movement that is to be commended. The walk should be of the best material, stone or cement, and should be such as will correspond with the walk on the other side. The walk already laid on the east side has been there for years, is as good today as when it was laid, and has never cost one cent for repairs. The proposition to put a 'cheap walk' on the west side should not be listened to for an instant. A cheap walk of the kind urged would in the end prove the most expensive one that could be put down " The Journal is assured that a first class walk can be put down at a cost not to exceed $700. Why, then, should the council invest $400 in a miserable excuse for a walk that will be an eyesore to the town, and a constant source of expense as long as it shall remain?"

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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