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April 13, 1999


To the editor:

I am writing in reference to Sen. Sam Brownback's comments on abortion and the economy which were reported in the Journal-World on Sunday, April 11. Sen. Brownback was reported as saying that problems with the Social Security program are caused in part by abortion which, according to Brownback, is draining the labor pool and limiting the number of workers available to pay into Social Security.

Brownback's argument is flawed on many levels. For example, contraception, not abortion, contributes primarily to America's low birth rate. Furthermore, a constantly growing population is, in fact, not good for the economy; in evidence, the nations of the world with the highest birth rates also have the worst economies and the poorest standard of living. Additionally, if increasing the labor pool is the easy answer to the problem of Social Security, Brownback must support increased immigration, which I believe he does not.

Most frightening is Brownback's lack of understanding of the perils of global overpopulation. At 6 billion people worldwide, the Earth is critically overpopulated, causing unprecedented environmental destruction. As 6 billion people consume irreplaceable natural resources, we are causing massive human suffering (poverty, hunger, war) and an irreparable ecological holocaust.

I implore the senate to educate himself about both economics and overpopulation issues before he makes any more foolish comments. This senator is an embarrassment to Kansas.

Megan Miller,

1108 Ore.

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