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April 11, 1999


Tuesday's meeting will be time for hails and farewells -- plus a few awards, several speeches and two votes regarding the city's future leadership to boot.

Here's the rundown for the "regular agenda" portion of the meeting, which will be the last for outgoing Commissioners Bonnie Augustine, Bob Moody and John Nalbandian and the first for incoming commissioners Jim Henry, Mike Rundle and David Dunfield:

  • Comments of current and departing commissioners.
  • Presentation of staff awards -- dubbed "Great Moments in Public Administration" -- for departing commissioners.
  • Oath of office for commissioners elected April 6 and the seating of the commissioners.
  • Election of mayor.
  • Election of vice mayor.
  • Comments of Lawrence's new mayor, vice mayor and commissioners.
  • Reception.

That's it. After the reception -- expected to last about 20 minutes -- the newly seated commission will discuss when it plans to conduct its annual goals-setting session. No other votes or decisions are scheduled.

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