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April 11, 1999


Act now

to control pine wilt

As you look around the cities and through the countryside of Douglas County there are many dead Scotch pines that are still standing. It is important to remove the trees before the pine sawyer beetles emerge this spring.

The dead trees can be burned, buried or chipped. Do not save the wood for the fire place as it needs to be destroyed. The reason for removing the dead trees is that pine sawyers are attracted to the dead and dying trees in the fall to lay their eggs. The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the infected wood. The adults emerge in the spring carrying pine wilt nematodes.

The pine wilt nematode, a microscope worm, causes pine wilt disease. It is transmitted from tree to tree in the spring and early summer by the pine sawyer. As the pine sawyer feeds on the Scotch pine, the nematodes enter through the wound and inhibit water movement in the tree. The tree usually is dead within three to four months after the nematodes enter it. There are no chemical treatments for controlling the pine sawyer at this time. The only control measure is to remove and dispose of dead trees by mid-April.

-- From the Douglas County extention office

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