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April 8, 1999


These movies are showing at local theaters this weekend. Check daily listings for show times. Capsule reviews are from wire services and staff reports.

Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore is star and co-producer of this comedy, playing a reporter who goes undercover in high school to report on today's teens. In school, she was a geek, but now she gets a second chance at being cool.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The feature debut of 30-year-old writer-director Guy Ritchie is dark, dangerous and a great deal of wicked, amoral fun. The film -- which manages to be as clever, playful and mock violent as its title -- focuses on a quartet of young Londoners who get in over their heads with the local underworld. It was a major hit in its native Britain and its cheeky tone, simultaneously calculated and off the cuff, is as hip as anyone could want.

  • Liberty Hall Cinemas, 644 Mass.


The Las Vegas strip and the Los Angeles underground serve as locales for this dark comedy about a drug deal in which nothing goes right. Director Doug Liman got strong reviews for 1996's "Swingers."

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

Twin Dragons

Jackie Chan plays twin brothers who didn't know the other existed. One of them's a concert pianist, the other's a man of action.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

The Matrix

Keanu Reeves finds himself back in "Johnny Mnemonic" territory, playing a computer hacker who suspects that we're all at the mercy of one big, cold computer. Laurence Fishburne co-stars.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

10 Things I Hate About You

Shakespeare is everywhere these days, even in high school comedies. This contemporary variation of "The Taming of the Shrew" tells of a popular young girl (named Bianca, no less) whose father forbids her from dating until her unpopular, viperish sister gets a boyfriend.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

The Out-of-Towners

Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn play a happily married couple who fight the empty-nest syndrome with a trip to Manhattan, where everything goes spectacularly wrong. Based on the 1970 comedy with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis, it updates the screenplay by Neil Simon. Let's hope it works better than "The Odd Couple 2."

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.


Matthew McConaughey plays a good ol' boy whose life becomes the focus of a television show. Lighter and less challenging than "The Truman Show," it also stars Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, Martin Landau, Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Reiner and Elizabeth Hurley.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

The Mod Squad

Aaron Spelling revamps his '60s TV hit into a '90s tale of three juvenile delinquents assigned to infiltrate the youth culture as undercover cops. Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi and Omar Epps play the little rascals.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

Doug's 1st Movie

TV's animated kid-show fave Doug Funnie is torn between two causes: saving the monster of Lucky Duck Lake or taking his secret crush, Patti Mayonnaise, to a school dance.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

True Crime

Clint Eastwood directs and stars as a heavy-drinking reporter with a bad habit of sleeping with his editor's wife. He tries to save an innocent man from lethal injection.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

Forces of Nature

In this romantic comedy, Sandra Bullock refuses to part with Ben Affleck's company after he saves her life in a plane crash.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

Analyze This

Psychologist Billy Crystal takes on his most challenging case: anxiety-ridden mob boss Robert De Niro. Harold Ramis co-wrote and directs the comedy.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

Cruel Intentions

Ready for a teen version of "Dangerous Liaisons"? Television vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar, recovering from "Simply Irresistible," joins Ryan Phillippe in a malevolent plan that involves innocent Reese Witherspoon.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

The Other Sister

Mentally challenged daughter Juliette Lewis returns home and disrupts the tranquil life of parents Diane Keaton and Tom Skerritt in a Garry Marshall-directed romantic comedy.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

October Sky

The based-on-reality story of a young boy (Jake Gyllenhaal) in 1957 West Virginia who, much to the dismay of his coal mining father (Chris Cooper), dreams of a career as a rocket scientist, is made with so much gee-whiz earnestness and unfashionable simplicity as to be downright refreshing.

  • Southwind Twelve, 3433 Iowa.

Shakespeare in Love

A witty, spirited imagining of the romantic and creative angst of the world's most celebrated scribe as he labors vainly against deadline and then finds inspiration in the form of a well-born, beautiful lady. This heady love story, puckish and romantic and teeming with fine performances, stars Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Plaza Six, 24th and Iowa.

Life Is Beautiful

The wonderful comic actor Roberto Benigni cowrote, stars in, and directed this tragicomic fable about a happy-go-lucky bookseller who, for his son's sake, pretends the Nazi concentration camps are an elaborate game, thus turning a death-defying experience into a life-affirming story.

  • Liberty Hall Cinemas, 644 Mass.

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