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April 8, 1999


Quick thinking by an employee at a Lawrence car wash this week put the brakes on what could have become a medical emergency.

Jeremy Shield, an employee of Auto Plaza Car Wash, 2828 Four Wheel Dr., was jotting down the requests of an elderly customer standing outside her car on Tuesday when the 1992 Buick Roadmaster started moving backward, knocking the 82-year-old woman over.

"She had it in reverse instead of park and it just started rolling backward," said Shield.

For a brief moment before she fell, the woman and Shield both tried to stop the car from moving.

But in the next moment, the lower half of the woman's body was underneath the car.

Shield quickly jumped into the car and put on the brake.

Although several emergency vehicles showed up after employees called 911, the woman suffered only minor injuries.

She declined to be taken to the hospital.

The incident occurred about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

"I called her after (the incident) and she said she went to the doctor and that she only had two broken blood vessels and that the doctor told her to take it easy for a while," said Bill Stewart, owner of the car wash.

Stewart said it was the first such incident at the car wash since it opened in 1995.

"Had he not stopped it from rolling, the least she would have gotten was a broken foot," Stewart said.

Shield said the incident was a reminder that people should "just keep on your toes."

"It's kinda scary. She was pretty close to that tire," he said.

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