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April 8, 1999


To the editor:

A quote from an editorial: "One of the big reasons the Cold War never heated up devastatingly was that good people were in key positions to evaluate the risks. How many good men remain in such roles for Russia?"

How many "good" people are in key positions for NATO and the United States? I'm ashamed that we should unilaterally, (don't give me none of the NATO stuff!) attack Yugoslavia over what is blatently a United Nations problem. And what really bothers me is that so few Americans seem concerned that our so beloved president has put this nation on the brink of a world war in an effort to improve his position in the history books.

Think about it. A 'blistering' air war attack with absolutely no plans for termination other than bombing the legal government of a legal state into submission. There's something wrong here folks! We all need to question the decisions the president has made about this illegal, unnecessary war -- and hope to God that the Russians are more level headed than we've demonstrated we are.

John Hamm,

1007 Ala.

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