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4-8 100 YEARS AGO

April 8, 1999


IN 1899

On April 8, 1899, a George W. Maffet wrote to the Lawrence Journal urging local citizens to "Overcome the Inertia." Maffet was referring to the need for good roads and he reported: "To see the funeral processions trying to get out to the cemetery is a harrowing sight. Each vehicle carrying a shovel to clear out the tenacious mud after the spokes and wheels became clogged solid and nearly immovable. The pall bearers preferring to walk, the cabs pulled by four straining horses, cutting ruts that would shame a rock wagon, and stopping for breath every few feet. And some of the procession gladly walking back to relieve the exhausted horses hardly able to get back with empty vehicles. And then to know that this community has reached a hopeless, helpless deadlock on the subject of good roads."

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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