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April 5, 1999



academic standards

He wants the emphasis on core curriculum. "I'm very concerned about the mathematical curriculum. I'm troubled that reading doesn't come up to other standards. We need to put a great deal more emphasis on those subjects."

on finance:

"You need to make sure anytime you spend money, that it goes to the principle reason: educating children. Part of that is maintaining buildings safely and adequately."

on equity

"We must always remember that children are children. Just because they live on the east side, their future shouldn't be any different than those on the west side. We have to be mindful of that."


"It's important to realize that the safety question is a building question," he said. "It depends on each building. One size doesn't fit all because of the different structures."


academic standards:

"You do your best to make sure that the elements of good instruction are available to students: a well-prepared staff, and adequate print and other instructional materials. " You continue to encourage students and staff to achieve at a high level, with these Standards (of Excellence) as a goal, and if you're successful, to maintain."

on finance:

Loveland has participated in 11 school budgets, but defers to professional expertise. "It's extremely important that we take great care in hiring qualified individuals to staff it so we have confidence in the information we receive.

on equity

"One of the ingredients of the equity discussions is that every school has perceived equity-type problems. The more sites you have, the more potential for perceived inequities, therefore, the bigger the challenge. It's important we share the spirit of doing the best job we can."


"One of the biggest pervasive measures we can take is to promote trusting relationships between students and staff. I believe the weapons brought to Lawrence schools have been discovered because a student told an adult in the building. Promoting these kinds of relationships is the No. 1 safety measure."


Meeting academic standards of excellence:

"The (curriculum) audit will be a valuable source (for determining) how to improve Lawrence schools. Another thing is looking at teachers who aren't fitting in to the system. I think most of our teachers are excellent, but some aren't fitting in. I'd like to see the standards for teachers, too."

fiscal thought

"A lot of purchases made are for renovations, new buildings and furniture. That's a background I have that can benefit the district. I did that for the state."

on equity

"There's an equity issue. There's inequity in class size and the amount of space in classrooms. That's still an issue. Some schools need to be updated."

Safety issues

She supports a zero tolerance policy for tolerating violence in schools. " I hope we don't have to go to metal detectors. I don't know that we have a great problem in Lawrence schools."

Scott Morgan

Academic standards

"I think we can do nothing better than give teachers the resources they need to teach kids. Not just money, but time. We put more and more demands on them, and testing is taking away class time for reading, writing and math, whether it's at the elementary level or calculus in high school."

fiscal thought

"I appreciate how money is earned and spent. Every dollar matters and how we spend it. It's not money that rightfully belongs to us as a board or a district. It belongs to the taxpayers."

on equity

"We need to identify what we want kids to achieve and what resources we need to have for them to achieve that. " It's up to the board to make that clear. Some inequities are based on perceptions, so we should be fair, we should be equitable but not demand sameness."


"The board has to make it clear that safety is a priority. It's only through vigilance that we minimize the chance of something awful coming up."

Sue Morgan

on academic

""The curriculum audit we've just gone through should be addressing issues directly related to this. " We ought to have the district curriculum have the same materials so our kids are learning the same material in math whether they're in third grade at Pinckney or Wakarusa or Deerfield. " As a district we should try to move all of our schools toward a curriculum aligned with assessments," she said.

on finance:

"We need to keep our priorities and goals in mind. We need to be putting our money where our mouth is. Spending should reflect an investment perspective rather than an expenditure perspective. I would hope we would keep the bigger picture in perspective."

on equity

Differences in buildings throughout the district are the norm, she said. "It's not necessarily a negative. In some cases it's a positive."

While site councils can "custom design" programs that best suit the needs of their students, all students should get the same fundamental components, Morgan said.


She supports plans that have been created over time. "The district has policies and procedures in place in how and what to do if those situations occur. They have provisions for closing classrooms and emptying the building if necessary."

Jeffrey Morrow


"Our curriculum should evidence clear, high standards and expectations. In the early years, we should focus specific attention on reading, writing and basic math skills. As the curriculum becomes more challenging, all students should be equipped to build from this solid foundation."

on finance:

A lecturer for the KU School of Business, Morrow teaches accounting in the MBA program. "I have the expertise to develop, interpret and report on financial information. If elected, I will make it my goal to report to members of the board, and to the community, on budgetary matters of concern to parents and taxpayers."

on equity

"Lawrence is a single community with a shared tax base. There is every reason to expect a quality educational experience for all our students, no matter which school they attend. Every attempt should be made to see that all facilities are in top-notch condition, and every student has equal access to specialty classes."


"Zero tolerance for dangerous and disruptive behavior is the correct policy. Not two chances; one strike and you're out. Building specific safety policies are in place and should be subject to regular review by site councils.''

Carmela Sibley

academic standards

"We need to push a stronger curriculum in basic learning. I don't want to teach kids what to think, but how to learn."

on finance

"Academic programs are my strong suit, not finances. I would depend on those with a stronger financial background for the number crunching."

on equity

"First of all I want to see a needs study of where things are not as they should be. (For example) at Central Junior High there is not enough space."


"First of all, there needs to be a certain amount of civility established for the students with each other and students with teachers. Teachers need to be vigilant."

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