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September 25, 1998


Hallmark, once again, is going the extra mile to be a good corporate citizen of Lawrence.

Once again, Hallmark officials have demonstrated their desire to have their Lawrence facility be a pacesetter for others to try to match. In past years, Hallmark and its employees have been steadfast in their support for the local United Way and have made a most generous offer for the yet-to-be-approved Lawrence Arts Center expansion. And many other examples could be cited.

In recent days, landscaping employees have been busy planting trees along the front of the Hallmark plant on McDonald Drive and have planted a large number of trees and shrubs adjacent to the new parking lot south of the production center.

It won't be long before these plantings will provide additional beauty to the Hallmark plant and help provide an even more attractive entrance into Lawrence.

Other Lawrence businesses should take a cue from Hallmark and, where possible, make the extra effort to beautify the areas around their offices and facilities. Too many businesses, industries and individuals meet just the minimum city requirements rather than doing what is necessary to show a deep and genuine interest in helping to beautify an area.

The people at Hallmark are offering a good example of how to go about making an area attractive and showing a commitment to the community.

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