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September 25, 1998


Burglars used a crowbar to pry open the front door of a Lawrence pawn shop, then smashed a display case and made away with almost 100 rings Thursday morning.

The ``smash and dash'' resulted in a lost of $18,700 in jewelry and antique watches at Lawrence Pawn, 944 E. 23rd.

The store's owner, Jack Jacobs, said it's likely the burglary was the work of at least two people, because of the speed in which the jewelry was taken. The burglars ignored other items in the store, smashing in only one display case.

``They couldn't have been in here for more than five minutes,'' Jacobs said. ``They passed up the guns; I'm surprised about that.''

The suspects set off an alarm when they pried the door open, and police found a crowbar at the scene.

According to police records, five antique pocket watches worth a total of $1,200 were stolen, along with 49 women's rings worth $10,000 and 35 men's rings worth $7,500. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other gems were contained in the rings, Lawrence police spokesman Matt Sarna said.

Police have a detailed accounting of the stolen jewelry; pawn shops are required to send police information about the items they buy or hold for owners while in the pawn shop.

All of the items stolen Thursday belonged to the pawn store; pawned merchandise is not placed on display.

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