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September 20, 1998


Users of Sunflower Datavision, a Lawrence area cable-based Internet service provider owned by The World Co., now have a more direct route to computer systems at Kansas University, thanks to a recently completed connection between the Sunflower network and the Kansas Research and Education Network.

Prior to the KANREN/Sunflower connection, Sunflower users' data traveled a longer path to KU and other KANREN sites. The new connection shortens that data path considerably, and is expected to provide improved performance for Sunflower users when they connect to KU and other KANREN member institutions' servers, such as World Wide Web servers.

The KANREN/Sunflower connection was engineered in cooperation with Networking and Telecommunications Service at KU. It was made possible under a new KANREN policy that permits commercial Internet service providers to connect to its statewide network to provide improved access to sites for its customers.

KANREN is a nonprofit consortium of colleges, universities, school districts and other organizations in Kansas, and is the provider of Internet connections for all Kansas Board of Regents institutions.

In addition to streamlining access to KU, the Sunflower connection assists the network's other member institutions, which include most Kansas community colleges and private colleges, as well as a growing number of school districts and organizations.

Information about the KANREN consortium and network is available online at KANREN offices are located at the KU Computer Center.

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