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IN 1898

September 20, 1998


On Sept. 20, 1898, the Lawrence World had a long editorial titled ``The Wages of Sin,'' commenting on the occasion of the death of Estelle Osbon of Holton, Kan. In 1894, her father Clint Osbon, having been told by his daughter that Charles Hamble ``had wronged her,'' killed Hamble. Mr. Osbon having been found guilty was now serving his sentence in the Kansas penitentiary. The World stated: ``This paper has always taken the stand that he did right ... The wronged girl who was cause of the killing lived a life thereafter more miserable than words can describe ... The girl is dead now and the only living witness of the tragedy is spending the years of his life at Lansing. We do not believe that he even regrets the terrible work he did. We believe that he will go on in his life believing that he stood up for fatherhood, the purity of home and the sanctity of fatherhood. Of course there was another way. He could have tried the law. That would have avenged nothing.''

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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