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September 20, 1998


Women are wearing gray accented with color, long and short slit skirts and scarves for the fall.

The new color is gray.

Charcoal gray, light gray -- paired with bright colors and soft colors.

Women will be wearing gray this fall.

``Gray is the hot color,'' said Sue Kapfer with Natural Way. ``Gray is the new black.''

People are matching grays with bright colors, she said, such as gold.

Others are matching gray with a soft, pastel colors. The fall palette is wide.

``For fall, we got some of the jewel tones,'' said Megan McGlinn with J.C. Penney. ``Moving on into the holidays, I think the main colors are going to be grays, charcoals and silvers.''

Earth tones are back for the fall, said Kristi Kouloukis with The Casbah, while Linda Burhenn at Weaver's indicated jewel tones are hot.

``This is sort of a season for everyone, there are so many colors,'' said Leslie Johnson with The Loft.

In whatever color, sweaters and skirts are an important part of the fall wardrobe.

``It's going to be a very good sweater year,'' McGlinn said. For fall, there are sweaters, sweater vest and sweater sets. The twin sets are remaining popular.

Skirts are long, short and knee-length, and most have sexy slits this fall.

``In skirts, we're seeing either very short skirts or very long skirts,'' McGlinn said, but they are all slit, either on the side or on the thigh up the front.

``They're calling them taxi skirts,'' she said.

``All the manufacturers are slitting the skirts now,'' said Jeremy Furse with Britches.

For casual looks, khaki pants are still very big, but they are less basic this fall.

``This year we're seeing a lot more fashion silhouettes,'' McGlinn said, such as cargo pants and carpenter pants.

Furse said he is seeing body-conscious looks. The clothes are slim and fitted, in lycra blends.

Jennifer Winsky with Saffee's said texture is important.

``We're seeing a lot of touchable fabrics,'' she said, such as wool and suede. Clothes are trimmed in suede and velvet.

"Anything suede is good for fall," Burhenn said.

For career looks, tailored outfits and novelty jackets are popular.

``There is a very definite men's wear trend running the fall fashions,'' McGlinn said.

Burhenn said there is a return to classics this fall. Pantsuits are important, and novelty jackets, such as the four-button jackets, zippered jackets and bomber-cut jackets, are very popular.

``We're still seeing a trend toward the more casual in professional wear,'' Winsky said. ``Even in the career wear, we're seeing sweaters worn in place of a jacket.''

Accents are always important. Scarves, once just for older women, are popular again this fall.

``Scarves are still a really important element, with a lot of color,'' Winsky said. ``They're a little

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longer, a little fuller, and a lot more color.''

Scarves styles vary for small, pastel neck ties to fuller, brighter scarves.

``The velvet scarves for fall -- anything with a retro pattern is just flying out of here,'' Kapfer said.

Silver is the choice for jewelry for both young and old. Women are carrying wallet purses and totes, sling bags and backpacks.

``The shoes are just getting bigger and chunkier,'' McGlinn said.

The chunky, platform shoes are still going strong, said Tim Arensberg of Arensberg Shoes. Boots -- from ankle boots to knee-high boots -- are also hot this fall, he said.

Athletic looks, such as platform sneakers, are still popular. He said he is just starting to see a new flat for women, a broad-toes, low flat.

``This is one of the best looking falls in years,'' Winsky said.

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