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September 20, 1998


Leader: Elaine Taylor, 1827 E 1150 Rd., 66049, 843-3727

Membership: Mildred Hoffman, 1421 Kasold, Lawrence

Dues: $4 a year

Purpose: Begun in 1972, Autumn Cub is a organization for senior citizens, promoting sharing and caring.

Big Blue Sportsmen


Meetings: Noon Fridays at Johnny's

Leader: Daryl Dwyer

Membership: Don Forsyth, 901 W. 28th Ter., Lawrence, 66047, 843-1755,

Dues: $60 per quarter

Purpose: The Big Blue Sportsmen support KU sports and join in fellowship.

Cork & Barrel Wine Tasters Club

Phone: 331-4242


Meetings: 7 p.m. fourth Mondays, Pachamama's restaurant

Leader: Dan Blomgren

Membership: Dan Blomgren, Cork & Barrel Superstore, 23rd and Iowa, 331-4242,

Dues: Cost varies each month but generally around $20 a person.

Purpose: The Cork & Barrel Wine Tasters Club provides a casual atmosphere to taste and gain more information about wine.

Epsilon Master of Beta Sigma Phi

Meetings: 7 p.m., first and third Tuesdays, at members' homes.

Leader: Betty Lane, 4704 Moundridge Ct., 843-9017

Membership: Evelyn Dockery, 508 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence, 843-4777

Dues: $20 a year

Purpose: Epsilon Master of Beta Sigma Phi was founded in 1931 for friendship and cultural knowledge. It presently has about 25,000 chapters.

General Federated Women's Club -- Classics of Lawrence

Meetings: 6:30 p.m. for supper, second Mondays of each month, at Country Kitchen

Leader: Beverly Griffin, 1225 N. 482 Rd., Baldwin 66006, 594-2895,

Membership: Norma Verdon, 3026 Longhorn, Lawrence, 843-6967

Dues: $20 for a nine-month year

Purpose: Our meeting is an evening out with friends, helping others, learning about the community.

H2Oz Scuba Club

Phone: 832-1329


Meetings: 7 p.m. on the first Mondays of each month, usually held at Mask-Snorkel-Fin.

Leader: Mike Atterbery

Membership: Greg Windholz, 205 Sharon Dr., Lawrence, 66044, 832-1329,

Dues: $20. $10 for second family member.

Purpose: The scuba club is an opportunity to meet local divers to share experiences and plan dive trips, both locally and globally. The group also provides its membership an opportunity to learn more about scuba diving.

Independence's Support for Peers and You (ISPY)

Phone: 841-0333


Meetings: Once a month, as announced

Leader: Tim Brown, facilitator

Membership: Tim Brown, Independence Inc., 2001 Haskell, Lawrence, 66046, 841-0333,

Purpose: Independence's Support for Peers and You is a peer support group for people with all kinds of disabilities. The activities we participate in are the choice of those who want to plan for them; therefore it is a group run by its members. This club benefits its members by providing friendship, support and an opportunity to see new places and learn new things in a casual setting.

Mommy's BREAK

Phone: 842-0872


Meetings: Presently, 8:30 a.m.-10 a.m., first Saturdays of each month. The location will be announced later.

Leader: Monica Stark

Membership: Monica Stark, 842-0872,

Purpose: Mommy's BREAK is a support group for mothers that was derived from the notion that mothers rarely get the opportunity to be social with one another without their children who we love dearly and the husbands who support us strongly. BREAK stands for Brag, Rag, Eat and KickBack.

Over 40 Singles

Phone: 865-5409

Meetings: 6:30 p.m. Fridays at Duffy's in the Ramada Inn

Membership: Marge Etzig, 865-5409

Purpose: Provides activities and friendships to singles in the Lawrence and surrounding areas.

Playmates Playgroup

Phone: 843-1136

Meetings: 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Tuesday; 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jewish Community Center 917 Highland Dr.

Leader: Bobby Gish

Membership: Deanne Arensberg, 2505 Oxford Rd., Lawrence, 66049-2872, 843-1136,

Dues: $6 a month

Purpose: Playmates Playgroup was begun in 1986 and is a cooperative playgroup that is set up and run entirely by the parents involved. The Tuesday and Wednesday groups each have their own enrollments of up to 15 families and maintain separate waiting lists. Playmates Playgroup is an opportunity to meet other parents of small children and have your children interact with others.

Preceptor Gamma - Beta Sigma Phi

Meetings: 7 p.m. first and third Tuesdays

Leader: Carol Babinski, 749-2012

Membership: Kathey Bechtel, 865-3782

Purpose: Our organization encourages women to learn about themselves and others through friendship.

Project Acceptance

Phone: 843-4428

Meetings: 2:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. (drop-in), 407 Maine

Leader: Dennis Budd,, 864-0216

Membership: Sharilyn Wells, 407 Maine, Lawrence, 843-4428

Dues: drop-in is free; for residential program: 30 percent of income after first month's stay

Purpose: Residential/respite care and drop-in center for individuals in the community with serious mental illness.

River City Women's Club

Meetings: Second and fourth Thursdays at various restaurants.

Leader: Andrea Welborn

Membership: Diana Dunkley, club herstorian, 1019 Del., Lawrence, 66044

Purpose: Contacts, interaction and mentoring.

The Kuwaiti Student Assn.

Phone: 841-1344



Meetings: Saturday

Leader: Fahed Al-Bannai

Membership: 1301 W. 24th, Apartment E-6, Lawrence, 66046, 841-1237,

Dues: $100

Purpose: Kuwaiti Student Assn. (KSA) is an run by the Kuwaiti students. We aim to best serve the interest of Kuwaiti students and to represent our country.

Thursday Morning Playgroup

Phone: 843-5558


Meetings: 10 a.m. Thursdays

Leader: Susan Cary

Membership: 1108 Centennial Dr., Lawrence, 66049, 843-5558,

Purpose: Thursday Morning Playgroup meets every week to allow the kids to play and we talk about raising children in Lawrence. Membership is for stay-at-home moms and their 2- to 3-year-old toddlers.

Twentieth Century Club

Phone: 842-9973

Meetings: 1 p.m. first and third Tuesdays, beginning with the first Tuesday in October, and concluding with the first Tuesday in May.

Leader: Mary Kate Ambler, 1600 Inverness Dr.

University Bridge Club

Meetings: RLDS Church, 1900 University Dr., 66049

Leader: Hazel Stellmacher, 810 Wellington Rd., Lawrence, 66049

Membership: Merle Ward, 922 N 1800 Rd., 843-1348

Dues: $50 a couple; $30 singles

Purpose: Begun in 1912, the University Bridge Club is a social organization, where you can find great food and fellowship.

University Women's Club

Meetings: First Thursdays

Leader: Karen Hagen, 26581 W.109th St., Olathe, 66061, D.K.Hagen@SWBell.Net, (913) 782-2718

Membership: Karen Hagen

Purpose: Our organization provides scholarships to women students.

Welcome Wagon Club of Lawrence

Phone: 843-8095


Meetings: Noon luncheon on third Thursdays; location varies.

Leader: Kelley Norman

Membership: Marge Plumberg, 1589 El Dorado Dr., Lawrence, 66047, 749-1295

Dues: $15 a year; $12 for senior citizens

Purpose: Our purpose is to welcome and bring together new neighbors giving them an opportunity to form lasting friendships while making adjustments to their surroundings.

West Side Study Club

Meetings: Second Tuesdays, Castle Tea Room.

Leader: Dorothy Fritzel

Membership: Dorothy Fritzel, 2411 La., Apt. K-128, Lawrence, 66046

Purpose: Provides social gatherings for programs of special interest.

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