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September 17, 1998


The troupe's production of ``The Princess and the Pea'' focuses on its funny characters.

It's like dinner theater for children.

The Seem-To-Be Players are putting on a production of the fairy tale ``The Princess and the Pea'' Saturday and Sunday at Liberty Hall, and before the play, families can enjoy hot dogs and chips.

Written by Seem-To-Be Players founder Ric Averill, the play is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale about a princess with delicate skin, director Jennifer Glenn said.

``It's a pretty straight adaptation of the fairy tale, except that there are several princesses vying for the prince's attention,'' Glenn said.

The prince considers whiny, mean and pushy princesses, all played by the same actress.

``And, of course, we have the good, pure princess that can't sleep on that pea.'' she said. ``There's very high energy. ... It definitely leans toward the silly side.''

Before the show begins, there will be singing and skits.

``We try to get some kids up onstage to participate,'' Glenn said.

The play is not flash and glitz. The script focuses on the characters.

``We have sets and costumes, but they're simple. We try to let the children bring some imagination.''

Shane Scheel, the company's manager, said the company's emphasis is on letting children use their imaginations.

``Our style is completely different from many children's theaters,'' he said. ``It's not like watching TV.''

Glenn plays the queen. The rest of the small cast includes Cam DeVictor as the Prince, Erin Kessler as the sleepless princess, Kirsten Paludin as the other princesses, Jerry Mitchell as the page and Jason Ware as the wizard.

The play kicks off the Seem-To-Be Players season, which will include touring and seven productions. For Halloween, the troupe will put on ``Wild Boy'' and ``Cats and Bats 2.'' In November, ``Tea in the Sea,'' Averill's take on the American Revolution, will show for one day. In the spring the group will produce ``Devon's Hurt,'' ``Sacagawea'' and ``Hansel and Gretel.''

The Seem-To-Be Players also will stage ``The Best Christmas Pageant Ever'' during the holidays.

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