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October 29, 1998


To the editor:

As a product of the Lawrence school system, with children who are experiencing a Lawrence education, I am writing to urge residents to vote "yes" for the upcoming bond issue for new construction and improvements among our Lawrence schools and facilities. This is not just a vote for a new west Lawrence school, or a vote for a storage building. This bond issue is meant to continue the excellence in education Lawrence families have benefited from for many years. Passing this bond issue is a necessary step toward assuring the children of Lawrence that quality of education will continue in their city and in their neighborhoods.

Clair Keizer,

2917 Gill Ave.

Rollin' on the river

To the editor:

On Sept. 26 and 27, Friends of the Kaw held its fourth annual Kaw River Float. It was a huge success with over 240 people taking part in the education- and fun-packed weekend. We floated 14 miles from Perry Reservoir outlet park to Lawrence Riverfront Park. Everyone stopped at various sandbars along the way where we hunted for fossils, relaxed, had lunch and were treated to some excellent presentations by local historians, biologists and ecologists.

Historians Paul Bahnmaier and Dorothy Shaner met us at a sandbar near Lecompton and, to our surprise, Paul was fully decked out in an historical mayor's costume with top hat and tuxedo and was carrying a Lecompton territorial flag. He spoke about Lecompton's quest for river access and the town's important place in Kansas history. Another sandbar break featured talks by biologists and river ecologists Dr. Roger Boyd, Dr. Cynthia Annette and Jon Eggen. They each described the fragile Kansas River ecosystem and its endangered wildlife from their individual perspectives. FOK President Lance Burr took the opportunity to tell everyone about our efforts to save the river from sand dredging and to establish more access for the public to the Kansas River.

We spent Saturday and Sunday celebrating both wind and calm, drama and beauty and I'm sure all of us came away having been touched and changed by the experience. For many of the boaters, this was a first-time float or their first time on the Kansas River. For many more, it was a rare opportunity to be on the river and learn about it in person.

Thanks to everyone who took part in our weekend on the Kansas River. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and tucked away some lasting memories. Thank you also for furthering our efforts to save a river each of us in FOK holds very dear to our hearts.

Patty Boyer,

1927 E. 1300 Rd.

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