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October 28, 1998


Snowbarger is best choice

His sound record of representing the district and the importance of maintaining a Republican majority in Congress make it important to re-elect Rep. Vince Snowbarger.

Who or what is responsible for the relatively good times in the United States these days is a matter of debate. Inflation is down, the number of people without jobs is low, there are forecasts of a government surplus, and generally speaking, Americans seem to be fairly pleased with the state of affairs.

President Clinton and his spinmasters would like to have voters think these conditions are the result of Clinton's leadership. Republicans point to many initiatives started during the years Reagan and Bush were in office, which now are paying dividends for the country, and the constant efforts by Republicans to lessen the role of government and follow a more conservative fiscal policy.

There's probably a bit of truth in both arguments.

However, one thing is clear. Without Republican control of both the House and Senate, Clinton, Gore and top Democratic leaders would have favored a far more liberal agenda in Congress, and government would be playing a much larger role in the lives of all Americans.

The Republican majorities in the House and Senate have, in fact, helped Clinton -- more accurately, forced Clinton -- to move to a more moderate political philosophy, at least publicly, to present a credible position to the American public.

The presence of GOP majorities has played a critical role in moderating Clinton's liberal leanings, his belief that bigger government is better government and that more taxes, rather than tax cuts, are the solution to the country's fiscal challenges.

This is why it is important that the GOP remain in control of the House and Senate and that Republican incumbents be returned to office. Otherwise, there is no doubt that the last two years of the Clinton presidency will be marked by the federal government taking more control of the lives of Americans, and the idea of tax cuts, balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism will be a thing of the past.

For this reason, along with many others, such as legislative experience, character, honesty and integrity, Republican Vince Snowbarger deserves to be re-elected for another term.

Snowbarger has favored sound, positive legislation for Kansas and this congressional district. He has shown an interest in helping Haskell Indian Nations University and tried to help resolve the stalemate and get the South Lawrence Trafficway completed. He believes in fiscal responsibility and a smaller role for the federal government in the lives of all Americans.

Vast sums of money from organized labor are being funneled into the campaign against Snowbarger, and many negative, untruthful attacks are being made about Snowbarger's record. It is likely his challenger, Dennis Moore, will outspend Snowbarger in the final two weeks of the campaign as the Democratic national committee pulls out all the stops in an effort to defeat Snowbarger.

Moore has made an effort to paint himself as a moderate Democrat, and he tells voters the things he thinks they want to hear. In the 3rd Congressional District, this means talking as a conservative, moderate Democrat.

This was the tactic former Kansas Rep. Jim Slattery used when representing Kansas' 2nd District in Congress. The able Democrat talked one way when campaigning in Kansas, but when he returned to Washington, he quickly became a strong ally of national Democratic leaders and House Democratic leaders.

This would likely be the case with Moore. He follows Clinton's practice of finding out what the public wants to hear and then favoring these issues when seeking votes. But once in office, the wishes of Democratic leaders would carry far more weight.

Snowbarger may not be the smoothest talker or the most polished campaigner, but he is an effective and respected representative of this district in the U.S. House.

It is in the best interests of those in the 3rd District, the state of Kansas and the nation that Snowbarger be re-elected.

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