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October 22, 1998


Access and safety were on the minds of Clinton Place apartments residents Wednesday as they aired concerns about life at the privately owned, federally funded housing project for the elderly and disabled.

And while some who listened to their complaints said they would get back to residents with answers, residents themselves weren't so hopeful.

"This is a smooth-over meeting," resident Cathy Spooner said. "They're not even addressing the issues."

Nearly 70 people crowded into the craft room of the complex at 2125 Clinton Pkwy. The Clinton Place Tenants Assn., tenants and representatives of Domicile Property Management Inc. met while representatives from Independence Inc., Housing and Urban Development, police and advocacy groups sat in.

During the two-and-a-half hour meeting, residents complained that they only had keys to the front door of the complex. Residents said they had access to other entrances of the building, but only because the doors of those entrances were propped open, presenting security issues.

Other residents said the placement of a lobby bench at the complex presented access issues for some of the disabled residents. Still other residents made suggestions for beefed-up security and access.

Michael Goodwin, director of operations for Domicile Property Management Inc., told residents he was "here to listen." But he did not directly address a two-page list of concerns raised by the tenants' association.

Many suggestions, Goodwin said, would come down to cost.

"We don't summarily reject any ideas, but in some cases, somebody has to pay for it," Goodwin said.

Curtis Brown from Housing & Credit Counseling Inc. said he was fairly hopeful about the outcome of the meeting.

"It appears that the tenants want to work with management to solve the issues," he said. "And management is starting to see the tenants' concerns. ... I think that it's made management publicly aware of how much the tenants want to work with them."

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