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October 22, 1998


To the editor:

Imagine for a moment that the situation in Lawrence is much different. Imagine the Missouri highway patrol setting up check points through town. Traffic is greatly slowed. Babies are born on the side of the road and die for the lack of emergency transportation and professional care, and children hit by shells from the Missouri National Guard can't readily get to the hospital, even though arms and legs have been blown off. A typical emergency run from Ninth and Massachusetts to Lawrence Memorial Hospital takes two hours because of roadblocks and checkpoints.

Imagine again Columbia, Missouri police setting up a checkpoint on the roof of the local gynecologists office building and officers constantly heckling and harassing the clientele of the establishment. Later, a resident from old west Lawrence goes to Columbia, Mo., with a crude bomb and injures a group of people of the city. The world opinion goes crazy against Lawrence, and Mayor Marty Kennedy is held responsible for this atrocity. It is obvious to the rest of the world just what kind of people the people of Lawrence are and Kennedy is no hero in the eyes of the world, because the media does not report the fact that Kennedy did not condone the act against Columbia, or even know about it until after it was over.

Imagine this siege on the city lasting for decades with no end in sight despite "peace talks." One of the Missouri Guard tanks backs into the Watkins Museum causing irreparable damage. Tiger fans roll into town toting guns while Lawrence citizens cannot own any. Imagine that some respectable Middle Eastern country is funding these "happenings" in Lawrence for over $10 million a day and their media can't be bothered to report where their tax dollar is going because their leader has been lying about an inappropriate relationship, and the reporters would ignore Lawrence.

Stop imagining and move to Hebron, Palestine, or write your congressman and ask to stop the use of YOUR tax dollar for killing and maiming of ANY children.

Have a nice day.

Jerry and Pamela Shirar,

1220 E. 1600 Rd.

Cartoon criticized

To the editor:

As a Christian, I feel I must protest your use of Mike Luckovich's "Comic Relief" cartoon in Sunday's Journal-World.

First, there is nothing "comic" about the death of anyone, especially at the hands of murderers.

Second, since Luckovich's portrayal of a "Right Wing Fanatic" holding what is obviously a Holy Bible, he is pointing an accusing finger at those of us who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who are in no way responsible for the senseless murder.

Third, he is right when he points out "there's a cure" And that cure is through Jesus Christ if only those addicted ones would give up to Him!

Thank you for listening.

George A. Isley, Jr.,

436 Fla.

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