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October 20, 1998


To the editor:

``Surely I'm just missing it.'' This is what I kept telling myself as I read the Oct. 16 Journal-World articles about the Late Night with Roy Williams celebration. How disappointed I am to see absolutely no mention of the 30-year anniversary of KU women's athletics. As an alumna and team captain of women's track and cross-country teams in the mid 80's, I am well aware of lack of media attention given women athletes. This year, the KU athletic department has worked hard and has coordinated several activities to recognize the hundreds of women athletes who have contributed their talents to the sports programs at KU since 1968. The athletic department is also finally recognizing women from the earlier years who deserved, but never received a KU letter for their participation.

The reporters covering Friday night's events should be ashamed of themselves if they missed the announcements and recognition given to women athletes between the volleyball match and the Late Night celebration. With banners and T-shirts advertising the 30-year anniversary, it should not have been hard to notice that there was another newsworthy event taking place. An editor who may have decided against running this story should have his knuckles smacked with a ruler. An old-fashioned punishment for an old-fashioned mistake!

1998 is not over yet. There is still time for the Journal-World to correct its errors and give adequate attention to the hundreds of KU women athletes who contributed to the present successes of women's sports programs.

Trisha (Mangan) Brabender,

2620 Cranley.

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