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IN 1898

October 20, 1998


On Oct. 20, 1898, the Lawrence Journal had an editorial titled ``THE CAUSE OF IT.'' It began ``Critics, charitable and vicious, have been at work since the beginning of the war with Spain finding fault with the conduct of the war, with the administration, with the officers. Some of these complaints were just, but the great majority of them were wholly groundless. It would be more than a miracle to conduct a war without making mistakes, and it is probable that no war in the history of the world was carried to a successful conclusion with as few errors as the Americans made in the Spanish war. The few mistakes made were due to many causes. Haste, inexperience of subordinate officers, lack of judgment in exigencies, may be mentioned as some of them, but above and greater than all else was the fact that subordinate officers undertook to, and did, push aside their superiors and undertake to conduct the war upon their own responsibility.''

-- Courtesy Watkins Community Museum

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