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October 14, 1998


Charges are pending against a Eudora woman who was allegedly cooking methamphetamine with her 6-year-old daughter in the house.

Drug investigators arrested a Eudora woman at her home Monday for allegedly processing a batch of methamphetamine, making it the second lab detected this year in the small Douglas County town.

Police say Rebecca Sue Starr, 36, was sitting in front of a hot plate on which the drug was ``cooking,'' when Douglas County Undersheriff Ken Massey and a Eudora police officer searched the house in the 900 block of Fir. Starr was arrested for manufacturing methamphetamine and felony and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia during the search at 8:15 p.m. Monday.

``She told us she had planned on making 6 or 7 grams of meth out of this one cook,'' Massey said. `` ... We believe this was mainly for her personal use. I don't think it was a for-profit deal.''

Two adults in the house at the time were not arrested, but prosecutors will review the Tri-County Drug Enforcement Unit's report for possible charges in the future. Starr's 6-year-old daughter was immediately taken by another family member, Massey said.

The Douglas County district attorney's office has not filed charges in the case. The office usually waits until the drugs can be tested before charges are brought. Massey said federal prosecutors may become involved because Starr has been arrested for making meth before.

Meanwhile, Starr was scheduled to appear today in a Kansas City, Mo., courtroom to be arraigned on possession of a controlled substance in a 1997 case. She also faces a Thursday court appearance there for two counts of endangering a child in a 1998 case. The details of the cases were unavailable Tuesday.

The highly addictive drug is inexpensive to make. It is replacing crack in popularity in part because it produces a longer high.

In April, police were called to a Eudora mobile home after a fire destroyed the structure. Police found evidence of a meth lab operation there.

Members of the Drug Enforcement Agency in Kansas City, Kan., collected the chemicals at Starr's house Monday night. Officials seized three rifles, a shotgun and a handgun from the house. Scales and a pipe were also found.

The house is in a quiet residential neighborhood.

``I wouldn't have ever imagined that was going on in there,'' said Ron Wellman, a neighbor. ``I'm real surprised about this.''

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