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October 4, 1998


Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns

Wilborn Hampton

Most Baby-Boomers can clearly remember what they were doing and where they were on Nov. 22, 1963.

Wilborn Hampton was a rookie reporter back in 1963, just two months on the job for United Press International. This was his first job after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, and he was still learning the ropes. While standing by the news desk in the Dallas office of the U.P.I. that day, he was the first to receive these words: ``Bulletin precede! Three shots were fired at the motorcade!''

``Kennedy Assassinated! The World Mourns'' (Candlewick Press) is Hampton's first-hand account of the tragic events surrounding that dark day in November. Hampton takes the reader into Parkland Hospital just outside the emergency room, and gives a detailed account of what actually took place behind those doors.

The bizarre chain of events following President Kennedy's death, Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest and subsequent shooting by Jack Ruby are also covered. The black-and-white photos definitely set the mood to the `60s.

For those of us who lived through those historic events, this book is a step back in time. For the entire generation of readers who were not even born when those fatal shots were fired, this book is an attempt to convey to them the bewilderment and great sense of loss the nation and the world felt.

This book is definitely an important read for all.

-- Linda Clay works in the youth services department at the Lawrence Public Library.

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