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November 30, 1998


How do I connect my old printer to my iMac?

As you probably know, iMac does not use the standard Macintosh printer cable, but requires a USB cable to connect to the printer.

For non-USB printers, you can get a serial to ethernet adapter that allows you to use your ethernet connection to use the printer. Two popular adapters are the Asante iTalk and Farallon's iPrint adapter. These devices retail $110 on average.

Some laser printers had ethernet built in to the printer. Check your documentation to see if there mention of the ethernet capabilities. Other printers can add ethernet capabilities to the printer for possibly less than an iTalk or iPrint adapter.

Some older printers simply may not be worth the expense. For an extra $100, you could get a much faster printer and sell your old one. For example, a new USB capable printer, such as the HP DeskJet 672C averages $210.

Do I have to use Internet Explorer 4.01 to view a Web site under Windows 98?

Absolutely not! While Internet Explorer is part of Windows 98 and cannot be removed, you still may use any browser you want to access the Internet.

In published tests, users report that Netscape Navigator software runs better under Windows 98 than it did under Windows 95.

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