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November 24, 1998


Members of an alcohol task force narrowed a list of recommendations for curbing underage consumption and the use of fake IDs.

Minors caught with alcohol should receive community service and pay a fine, but 19- and 20-year-olds shouldn't be prevented from going into bars to see concerts, a citizens panel is tentatively recommending.

Members of the Joint City-Universities Task Force on Alcohol Abuse discussed those ideas Monday at a meeting at the DCCCA Center, Kasold and Clinton Parkway.

The committee, composed of students, business owners, and officials from the city of Lawrence, Kansas University and Haskell Indian Nations University, is narrowing a list of strategies for curbing underage drinking in Lawrence.

Members of the committee approved the emphasis on community service for minors caught in possession of alcohol, but they disagreed on the idea of increasing fines for minor in possession charges.

"The message we are sending is: `This is a funding issue,'" said Chuck Magerl, owner of Free State Brewing Co. "The audience who we are aiming for loves to target hypocrisy, and this is good example of that.

"What we are saying is we are going to punish you for doing something, but when you turn 21, it's perfectly healthy and normal to drink alcohol in moderation ... or if you go to England you're fine, but not in America."

But David Corliss, the city's director of legal services, said a fine of $200 or more was appro

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