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November 19, 1998


Lawrence Memorial Hospital is seeking a full-time medical oncologist to plant roots in Lawrence.

Gene Meyer, LMH president and chief executive officer, said the hospital hopes to recruit a cancer doctor -- not because Lawrence doesn't have oncologists, but because there are none who live and practice in the city.

"One of the things I quickly learned in coming here is the commitment we need to make to our community in establishing a full-time presence of physicians here," said Meyer, who accepted the hospital position in mid-1997.

Three oncologists work part-time at the recently opened Cotton-O'Neil Clinic-Wakarusa Drive, 1220 Biltmore.

"The people who have served our community in the area of oncology in the past have done an excellent job, but we really need that full-time commitment," Meyer told a small group at the Ecumenical Christian Ministry university forum Wednesday.

The hospital, which now offers chemotherapy only in the form of intravenous drips, wants to expand its chemotherapy services.

"We are working very hard with current providers in Topeka and Kansas City to be able to bring radiation therapy to Lawrence, which will eliminate the necessity of people leaving Lawrence for that care," Meyer said.

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