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November 18, 1998


Here are this year's "Friends of Education," along with biographies provided by the awarding schools:

Broken Arrow: Lissa Revenew

Lissa has been an active participant and faithful volunteer at Broken Arrow for many years. She has also been a strong supporter of the professional staff.

Centennial: Susan Postlethwaite

When there is a job to be done, Susan is always the first to volunteer. In addition to her many volunteer roles she is the PTA co-president.

Cordley: Julie Nice

Julie has done everything from organizing fund-raisers to serving on district committees. No task is too great or too insignificant and when no one else steps forward, she does.

Deerfield: Kelli Brahler

The list of Kelli's projects includes decorating, teaching, organizing fund-raisers, and attending countless parent meetings. She is dependable and has a great deal of energy.

East Heights: June Boyajian

June volunteers three days each week and has been an active volunteer for the past five years. She is loyal and dependable and even sends students postcards from her trips.

Grant: Eileen Larson and John Naramore

Eileen and John are tireless in their volunteer work. They have organized community events, assisted with lunch supervision, taken school trips, read to students and also help with math competitions and the sixth-grade field trip.

Hillcrest: Marsha Buhler

Marsha has been a room parent, Field Day volunteer and a member of the PTO Board throughout her years of volunteering at Hillcrest. She is a strong supporter of school activities.

Kennedy: Tina Roberts

Tina has been the Kennedy Site Council Chairperson for two years and has served on the interview team for hiring new staff for the 1998-1999 school year. She also volunteers with school plays and music programs.

New York: Carolyn Masington

Carolyn relocated the parent outreach room and volunteered countless hours to make New York a better school. She is dedicated to all students at the school.

Pinckney: Holli Joyce

Holli has been the force behind organizing Parent/Child nights. She has also helped organize after school clubs, including 4-H, nutrition, Van Go Mobile Arts, KU tutoring, KU Drama Club and Spanish Club.

Prairie Park: Lynnette Miller

Lynnette began serving on the PTA board last year, and this year is serving as treasurer. She devotes time and energy to the school.

Quail Run: Deb Howard

Deb has been an active volunteer since moving here in 1994. She served as the PTO president. She always puts the needs of the children first.

Riverside: Taunya and Jeff Miller

Jeff's involvement includes weekly tutoring and teaching Junior Achievement units. He is currently the PTO representative from Heinz, the school's business partner. Taunya has been a room mother and has volunteered many hours toward school activities.

Schwegler: Mary Halloran

Skills, ability and willingness to assist teachers make Mary a stellar volunteer. She does not seek or expect recognition for her support.

Sunflower: Lori Killen

Lori is described as willing, friendly, positive and pleasant. She takes a hands-on approach to lessons in small groups, and keeps records of individual progress.

Sunset Hill: Diane Guthrie and Mark McCanon

Diane and Mark have been actively involved in Sunset Hill's landscaping and beautification projects. They helped plant and maintain a flower garden near the front of the school and a butterfly garden on the east side of the school.

Wakarusa Valley: Dene Parker

Dene has aided in the classrooms and the computer lab, tutored students and helped with curriculum projects. She has also served as Site Council chairperson and PTO president.

Woodlawn: Ruth Hurst

Ruth has maintained consistent involvement as a room mother, site council member and committee member. She is a warm and supportive friend to students and staff.

Central Junior High: Theresa Schmidt

When it comes to one-on-one help, Theresa provides the best, whether it's in a sewing class or providing hair styling for special needs students. She has also helped with Van Go Mobile Arts projects.

South Junior High: Kay B. Rytting

Kay has assisted band classes, field trips and German classes. Each year she provides a monetary contribution to the school library for the purchase of new books.

Southwest Junior High: Sue Morgan

Sue has been a member of the SWJH site council and is the school's volunteer coordinator. She also helped dig Southwest's pond and provided support for student magazine sales.

West Junior High: Marilyn Zerwekh

Every Tuesday for the past three years, Marilyn has contributed her time to the WJH library. She shelves books, straightens, assists students and helps make the library more user-friendly.

Lawrence High School: Linda Davis

Through the Lions' Pride parent support group Linda has helped get the concession stand in operation, and volunteers at other events within the school.

Free State High School: Mike Jerrick

Mike volunteered numerous hours to make videos of Homecoming in the fall and the senior video in the spring. He was also a guest speaker in several classes.

Lawrence Alternative High School: Kathryn Ladoux

Kathryn helps students at the school utilize film as an educational tool. She helps students view films that elicit constructive discussion and positive outlets for anger.

Lawrence Public Schools: William Dann

William has donated $100,000 to the Lawrence Schools Foundation to supply two Early Childhood Educational Readiness classrooms to the district.

Lawrence Public Schools: Dillons Stores

Through the Lawrence Business/Education Partnership, Dillons Stores have donated funds from receipts and purchased books, calculators, televisions, VCRs, computers and printers. The total amount of the Dillons contribution is more than $1 million.

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