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November 17, 1998


Centennial Park should retain its present character, rather than becoming a site for more "improvements."

Why do some city officials and some city residents seem to be obsessed with the idea that changes and additions need to be made in Centennial Park?

Why can't the park just remain a pretty, quiet, open green space? The city already has done too much to invade and destroy part of the park's beauty and serenity by building a skate park.

For a year or more, city officials wanted to place a massive water recreation center in the park. Fortunately, this effort was put aside after considerable public objections. City and school officials eventually decided the best place for this facility would be adjacent to Free State High School.

How soon will it be before city officials or some group within the city will float a trial balloon to test public reaction to some other development to place in the park?

The city's interest in this well-located, large park should be to help keep it a clean, safe, well-maintained and attractive area with ample restroom facilities and a shelter area.

It's understandable why various groups would like to have special facilities or special use areas carved into the park, but it is hoped the city staff and the city commission will have the courage to say "no" and do what is necessary to keep the area what it should be: a pretty, large, quiet park for the enjoyment of residents of all ages.

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