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November 16, 1998


Why are the age requirements different for using the weight rooms at Holcom and East Lawrence recreation centers? The one at Holcom is 13 and the one at East Lawrence is 16.

Janet Murphy, facilities supervisor for the city's department of parks and recreation, supplied the following answer:

"Weight room equipment may be used presently by anyone 13 years of age or older at both facilities. Holcom Park Recreation Center and the Community Building experience more control over the cardiovascular equipment because it is inside the weight room, while (at) the East Lawrence Recreation Center (it) is outside the weight room.

"The ELRC has experienced a high number of children and teens during free play hours and staff found that the cardiovascular equipment was being abused and subsequently broken by teens playing on the equipment. Consequently, the age for the use of cardiovascular equipment at the ELRC was raised to 16 unless teens between the ages of 13 and 16 participated in a training program on proper use of the equipment.

"Parks and Recreation has recognized some of the inconsistencies with different recreation centers and has taken steps to provide as consistent rules as possible at each facility in the future. All centers are in the process of being coordinated under one facility supervisor, who will oversee all the center operations.

"A weight room Risk Management Assessment is in the process of being completed at all facilities and staff will work together to ensure consistency in rules."

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