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November 15, 1998


For the do-it-yourselfer in your life, there's a tool that's perfect.

With the holiday season fast approaching, many consumers may wonder what tools to purchase for their do-it-yourself loved ones.

"As far as gifts go, the most popular are Mag-Lite flashlights and Leatherman tools," according to Bryan Anderson, employee at Ernst & Son Hardware, 826 Mass.

Mag-Lites are made out of machine aircraft aluminum and are waterproof; making them nearly indestructible.

For around $50, the Leatherman is an instrument that provides a knife, pliers, and an assortment of other tools all in one.

While the Leatherman is the original, other companies such as Victorinox, have begun to produce similar devices.

"If you're looking for a more expensive gift, I guess the drill press could be an option," Anderson said. "It is used to make precision holes in wood. A band saw would be another idea. You use that to cut curves into wood."

The drill press at Ernst & Son is quite large and stationary, and it can be yours for around $400. If you do not wish to spend that much money on one, Ace Hardware sells a smaller drill press for $72. A good band saw will cost you a little under $200.

Chris Smith, employee at Westlake Ace Hardware, 711 W. 23rd, said his ideal Christmas gift would be the new 18-volt Dewalt cordless drill for $279. He said brands such as Milwaukee, Craftsman, Black & Decker, and Dewalt are good when looking into drills and other tools.

Gary Fulkerson, of Roach True Value Hardware, 1811 W. Sixth, agreed.

"I would like one as a gift, but I could never spend that much money on one."

While cordless drills are useful and convenient, Fulkerson said drills with cords are superior in some aspects. They often have more power he said, and are convenient as long as you have an extension cord.

J.J. Hensley, employee at Coast to Coast Hardware, 1832 Mass., said he would recommend a tool box. Hensley said he was excited about the Master Mechanic's tool box he had just purchased for $119.

He was quick to point out, however, that there are smaller and less expensive tool boxes for sale.

Ryan Darby, Hensley's co-worker, said that tool pouches were always a good idea. Pouches can range from $14 to more than $85. They also recommended work clothing as a possible idea.

"One of the more expensive gifts would be the Poulon Chainsaw," Hensley said. "You can pick up a Poulon with carrying case for $150. It's more expensive than a Remington electric because it's gas-powered."

For $90, a consumer could invest in a Dirt Devil wet-dry vacuum.

The Dirt Devil is different from other wet-dry vacuums because of its design. It has a low center of gravity and a longer wheel base to enhance stability. Hensley said the Dirt Devil was of a higher quality and worth the money.

There are also multipurpose tools available. The Drummel, for example, is a hand-held device that comes with a number of interchangeable accessories.

You can use the Drummel to sand, grind, or cut wood and metal. It can also be used to clean grooves and polish surfaces. A Drummel costs around $85, but it is possible to buy different accessories made to accompany the tool.

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