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November 13, 1998


A new film about Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, to be released next year, is being targeted for the Cannes Film Festival.

An upcoming movie about William Quantrill's raid on Lawrence may be the first to truly depict the savagery of the event, a Kansas University professor said.

"I think it's going to be the first time Hollywood will deal with this issue in a responsible way," said John Tibbetts, assistant professor of theater and film at Kansas University.

"But I warn you, it probably will be bloody and it will probably be rated R."

Tibbetts made the remarks about the upcoming film, "Ride With the Devil," which was shot in Pattonsburg, Mo.

It is based on the novel, "Woe to Live," by former Lawrence resident Daniel Woodrell. While the book mainly is concerned with bushwhackers in Missouri, Quantrill's raid is included.

Tibbetts showed slides and a video of the film's set in Pattonsburg, while addressing members of the Douglas County Historical Society at their annual meeting Thursday night at the Lawrence Country Club.

Tibbetts also showed past movies depicting the raid, while making the audience laugh by pointing out their flaws and inaccuracies.

"No matter how many falsifications and outright fabrications there are, I find they are fascinating," he said of such films as "Quantrill's Raiders."

In most of the films, Lawrence is warned ahead of time about the raid, and is heavily defended.

In history, there was little or no warning, Lawrence was undefended, and between 150 and 200 men and boys were massacred by the raiders on Aug. 21, 1863.

The new film, which is targeted for the Cannes Film Festival in France next year, "has all the promise of the real thing," Tibbetts said.

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