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November 6, 1998


— Although no one here can get close to her, Baby, a mutt that runs all over town between handouts at Casey's General Store, is the town's adopted stray.

"If we don't have any (microwave) sandwiches that are expired, we buy her catfood," said Elizabeth Krause, a cashier and cook at the convenience store. "She basically goes all over town. We feed her every morning and every night, and she comes up here when she's hungry. Sometimes we have customers who will feed her."

Krause said Baby, who appears to be a rat terrier cross, prefers hamburgers and cheeseburgers and sometimes will let people come within a few yards of her, if they are delivering treats.

Otherwise, the dog is skittish and prefers some distance from people, said Krause. Baby has been a Perry regular for about six months, now.

The dog's origins are unknown.

"Not a clue," Krause said. "Nobody knows where she came from."

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