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November 6, 1998


I live in proximity of Central Junior High School and have become increasing concerned about students running throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. Since the school does not have a track for the kids to run on, are there plans to build a track for Central Junior High students to safely run on?

"The district does not currently own enough property for a track at the CJHS site," said Craig Fiegel, assistant superintendent for administrative services. "We are still exploring ways to address that issue at Central."

For more information contact the Service Center at 832-5000.

Where can I write to Olympic soccer player Mia Hamm?

Write to Mariel Margaret "Mia" Hamm in care of U.S. Soccer House, 1801 S. Prairie Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60616. Hamm, 26, was U.S. Soccer's female athlete of the year four times in a row beginning in 1994. Since joining the national team in 1987 at age 15, Hamm has scored more than 100 goals in international matches.

Does Bob Barker have pets of his own?

Barker, who ends every broadcast of "The Price is Right" by reminding viewers to have their pets spayed or neutered, owns a dog named Federico and a cat named Dulce. You can write to Barker in care of The Price is Right, Price Productions, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., No. 206, Los Angeles, Calif. 90036.

What kind of trees do hedge apples grow on? And do hedge apples really ward off bugs?

Hedge apples grow on Osage orange trees. They do not repel bugs, according to Douglas County Extension Director Dennis Bejot.

"That's an old wives' tale," he said.

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