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November 6, 1998


Want to be tracked if you are kidnapped? You can do it for a mere $7,500.

How severe is the fear of crime and violence in our society?

People, such as the rich and famous, who are fearful of being kidnapped now are able to have a microchip implanted under their skin, painlessly we assume, so police can track them in emergencies.

The $7,500 device, called Sky-Eye, is powered by electrical energy from the human body and can be detected by satellites, says the London Times. The bad news is that the surgery to install the chip leaves a tiny scar which might be detected by abductors and "reopened" to remove the device.

Don't be surprised if a lot of celebrities turn to such a "protective" device, our lives and times being what they are today.

The point is often made that criminals rob much from society but also create profit-making industries such as production and creating of security systems and Sky-Eye to fuel the economy.

But think what could be accomplished if everyone could focus more on the positive and productive aspects of life.

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