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November 5, 1998


A collection of award-winning photos by Jim Brandenburg is on display at Kansas University's Natural History Museum.

Jim Brandenburg has traveled the globe on behalf of National Geographic magazine, shooting rolls and rolls of film and capturing everything from arctic wolves at play to melancholy Scotland landscapes.

His work has garnered him accolades and awards, and his own touring photography exhibit is now on display on the Kansas University campus.

"The Photography of Jim Brandenburg" is open through Jan. 17 at KU's Natural History Museum.

Obtaining the exhibit was a priority for the museum, marketing director Brad Kemp said.

"We have been interested in this for a while, and when we saw it was available we went for it," he said.

The exhibit is maintained by the Bell Museum of Natural History in Minneapolis, Minn. The Bell staff is responsible for coordinating the exhibit's traveling schedule.

In addition to National Geographic, Brandenburg's work has appeared in Life, The Smithsonian, Audubon and Time magazines. His photography has been used in numerous periodicals and books and showcased in films and documentaries.

His awards include The Magazine Picture Story of the Year from the National Press Photo Assn. and the 1988 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award from the British Broadcasting Corporation Wildlife Magazine and Eastman Kodak Co.

Brandenburg's knowledge of wildlife and nature settings, along with his dramatic flair, make his work exceptional, Kemp said.

"They are incredibly dramatic photos taken by someone who understands the natural habitats, and who understands the animals," he said. "He captures the personality in a way that other photographers cannot. That understanding allows him to capture beautiful photography."

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