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November 5, 1998


Brian Kubota fielded several phone calls Wednesday from friends and supporters of his campaign for 1st District Douglas County commissioner, reassuring him he didn't let them down.

But after several hours of consideration, Kubota still couldn't put his finger on what cost him the race. At Johnny's after the election results came in pegging him at 4,012 votes to Democrat Charles Jones' 4,333, Kubota said he wanted to think about the election overnight.

"I still don't really know," he said Wednesday afternoon. "But it's over, and I'm not going to be a sore loser."

The semi-retired landscape architect and land planner said he will "go back to doing what I was doing" before the campaign, including developing the Villas, a $17 million residential development at Alvamar.

After congratulating Jones at the courthouse Tuesday evening, Kubota returned to Johnny's, where he said "Brian Kubota will never run again."

Kubota said getting a handle on growth will be a tough issue for the three-member commission. The growth won't stop "because this is too nice a place for people not to be attracted."

Jones attributed walking the entire district, going door-to-door to encourage "smart growth," a planning concept in which growth pays for itself, to helping him come out on top of the close race.

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