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May 31, 1998


``Several years ago, the Federal Highway Administration (FHwA) adopted a large number of `symbol' signs to replace `word message' signs,'' said David Woosley, the city's traffic engineer. ``This sign was developed to replace the word message `Pavement ends.'

``However, subsequent studies by FHwA have shown that the average motorist does not understand the meaning of this particular symbol. Therefore, these signs will be discontinued in the future.''

Which city office can I call about large potholes on our street?

The city of Lawrence has a special pothole hotline. Call 832-3456.

Is it legal in Lawrence to make your own beer and wine for your own consumption?


How do you make "CBS" plural, possessive and plural-possessive?

CBSs, CBS' and CBSs'

I thought the stop signs at Seventh and Kasold were supposed to be removed. Was I wrong?


"The location is actually Eighth and Kasold," said David Woosley, city transportation traffic engineer. "There was a request to remove them. It went to the Traffic Safety Commission, which denied the request. Then it went to the city commission, which upheld the denial of the request."

Can you give me Loretta Lynn's address?

You can write to the country singer at P.O. Box 120369, Nashville, Tenn. 37212.

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