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May 31, 1998


To the editor:

Wait. Did I miss something? The headline in Friday morning's paper (LJ-W, May 29) screams ``Wave of violence hits area schools.'' Yet, reading the story, it's clear that this was no ``wave'' and that, in fact, there wasn't even any ``violence.'' This kind of rumor-mongering is simply irresponsible and you should be ashamed of yourselves for printing it.

To counter this, I should like to point out that in a recent report by the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, the agency concluded that children were in far greater danger off school grounds than in schools. The author stated that, ``We're convinced that a lot of national policy is driven not by actual data, but by fears. Any child getting shot at school is a terrible thing, and we don't want to imply that it's not. But we feel that children are in a safer environment than they would be out of school.'' The recent spate of school shootings are indeed a terrible thing. Please don't make the situation worse by exploiting these tragedies with tabloid-style sensationalism and outright lies.

Bill Staples,

2427 Harvard Rd.

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